Right from the onset of winter, we Indians, experience a sudden involuntary increase in our appetites. Today, let’s talk about delicious Indian dishes whose availability is subjected and limited to the winter season only.

As Indians, food is irresistible to us. It’s just engineered into our genes. It’s known to the entire world, we Indians love our cuisine, our food. One might say we Indians don’t eat to live but we live to eat. And the winter season brings a whole new array of seasonal fruits and vegetables to the table, which otherwise is unavailable year-round. This just makes winter dishes all the more irresistible. No one wants to miss out on good food, especially the ones which you can enjoy just for a couple of months every year.

Get ready for the Top 10 Indian Winter Dishes. Pick up your notepads, and start noting down the names of the dishes mentioned in our Top 10 list, for you would be committing an absolute crime against yourself if you miss out on even a single one of the following dishes this winter. And don’t complain about become fat and not remaining skinny anymore.

1. Gajar ka Halwa

Winter and Gajar ka Halwa is more like synonyms to us Indians. This simple dessert made by roasting freshly grated carrots in desi ghee and cooking it with condensed milk and sugar, and topping it with dry fruits is The Holy Grail of Indian Winter dishes.
Cometh Winter Cometh Gajar Ka Halwa.

2. Gobi Ka Parantha

Parantha is the perfect Indian breakfast. Wholesome, nutritious and healthy, two stuffed paranthas with curd or achar in the breakfast and you are good to go. It keeps you full and energetic for the long day ahead of you. Gobi ka parantha is just delicious and so nostalgic too. Fresh cauliflower is available during the cold winter months and is perfect for stuffing our paranthas and enjoying it with our family.

3. Undhiyu

If you take all of the tasty fresh vegetables available in the winter months and try and come up with a single dish, you will land with Undhiyu. Made from fresh eggplants, green peas, beans, unripe bananas, potatoes and plantain, lots of ginger, green chili and topped with cilantro leaves, this spicy curry is an absolute delight to eat in cold winter months.

4. Moong Dal Halwa

The aroma of Moong Dal ground into a paste and made into a halwa with desi ghee, that’s all which is needed to justify all those calories. Every single one of them. Moong Dal ka Halwa or Moong Dal ka Sheera as its called in many parts of the country is a delicacy you have to devour in the cold chilly winter months.

5. Mooli Ke Kofte

Shredded radish, made into balls with potato and cottage cheese, deep fried and dipped in spicy saucy gravy- I warn you, Mooli Ke Kofte will leave you licking your fingers and craving for more. Just forget everything when you indulge in this delicacy with hot phulkas this winter.

6. Makki ki Roti Sarson da Saag

Sixth on our list, this winter dish, is indigenous to Punjab but loved all over India. Rotis made from corn atta and glazed with lots of desi ghee, dipped in rich and creamy Sarson da saag, guarantees to take you on a trip to the PindĀ of Punjab. Add some butter on top of the saag and Makki roti and there could be nothing more heavenly that you could have tasted before.

7. Palak Paneer

During winter months, green leafy vegetables are harvested in abundance. Probably the favorite green leafy palak recipe of all times, the palak paneer cannot be missed out. The creaminess of palak and the nutrition packed paneer are just the perfect companions for your naans this winter season.

8. Til Chikki

We are down to the eighth dish of our list and it’s the third dessert already. This just shows how much of a sweet tooth we Indians have. Chikkis made from sesame seeds and gur are our anywhere anytime sweet snacks during the winter days. While sitting in that quilt or enjoying the sweet winter season don’t forget to munch on Til Chikki

9. Momos and Thukpa

Who doesn’t love momos? Everyone loves these small Tibetan Dumplings. A Tibetan dish on an Indian dish list, you might wonder. Well, momos may have originated in Tibet, but we have adapted it to be as one of our own dishes. We love our momos. Period. They taste absolutely wonderful with the traditional extremely hot red chili sauce and Thukpa on cold winter days. They are just the most perfect snacks one could ask to give warmth and taste on a cold wintery evening.

10. Bhajiya

Deep Fry. We absolutely love this phrase. Deep frying anything and everything, that sounds tasty, doesn’t it? For Bhajiya we deep fry all different kinds of assorted vegetables after dipping them in besan batter. Potatoes, onions, eggplant, spinach, cauliflower, you name it we will turn it into Bhajiya. These crisp savories taste best with a steaming hot cup of masala tea on a chilly winter evening. And if you could grab some green chutney, this could be truly heaven on earth.

Are you already feeling hungry? Go ahead and indulge yourself.

I hope that this list helps you embark on the flavorful journey of indulging into delicious food this winter. Do try out these dishes and don’t forget to share your experience with us in the comments below.