Ever happened that you woke up in the morning feeling tired and lethargic and immediately you blame yourself for being lazy? Don’t beat yourself up on that because you’re already overworking and it’s the stress that takes a toll on your health. So is there any legit way to de-stress to unplug from life and be lost in the woods? Well, that must sound so well in your head but how easy it is to even arrive a calm posture in your daily running-and-frowning-life. I have some ways that might just put you off the work-mode and bring out the charm you for long crave.

1. Talk to someone you love

The feeling of love is of comfort and warmth which can rejuvenate even the most exhausted souls. So pick up your phone and dial the person who you know loves you. We must stop shying away from doing that. Just a few minutes of a heart-to-heart talk with a loved one can replenish your soul and bring it back to life. So next time you sulk over life know that you can stretch out and ask for help.

2. Acts of service

I know you are tired and just lying placidly on your bed doesn’t help to relieve the stress. But what must, might take some effort but is sure to cure the illness of your sore soul. Acts of service in whatever little way you can drench your heart in kindness and gratitude which is sure to bring a lot of empathy and compassion in your life. Even if it is just by feeding the street dogs or by taking care of an old aunt or volunteering at an orphanage- trust me it is just going to make you feel blessed.

3. Have food with someone you love

Just having a cup of tea and biscuits with a friend or a dinner with family or talking out your heart over good food is a sure way to spice up your mood and relive weeks of stress. A hearty conversation with anyone helps you to share what is troubling you. Moreover, you may also find a solution to your problem in this way. 

4. Learn, Unlearn and Re-Learn

The pleasure of learning something new is gleefully pleasant but sometimes un-learning and reconnecting to our lessons is what is essential for our growth. Let’s make it simple there is no other best way to catch on to our learning’s than to scrutinize and modify it from time to time. It is an absolute requisite for moving ahead in our journey towards success.

5. Dim out the lights

A steaming cuppa of hot and exotic chamomile tea or a basic chilled lemonade with some classic soft music and dimmed lights is not only a treat for our eyes but also an impactful relief to our exhausted sinews. Paint the picture of a soothing evening in your mind and draw it out in your nights – and there’s no other pleasure than living your imagination.

6. Clear the clutter of your head

No, you don’t have to make it a habit just once in a while of deep meditation and practicing floating can work wonders to cure stress and bring fulfillment and gratitude in your life. Go by my words, clearing the clutter of negative thoughts in your mind and switching on the positive lights can bring compelling changes in your life. Not only it would rule out your stress and exhaustion but also clear your vision for the future.

7. Build faith

Take it one at a time but start to trust for small things to happen – you would be amazed to recognize the power of faith that works like magic but it happens only to those who believe in it. So garner faith in the universe and what you desire would soon be yours. Let us keep quitting for tomorrow and give it one more try today.