Bigg Boss Season 12 September 27 episode cotinues with its set of debates and fights. After the super challenging Samundari Lootere task gets over, the Singles are enjoying their fame as they roam around with their head high in the BB 12 house while the Jodis keep sulking and call the decision as totally unfair.

The chain of events for Thursday episode bring in some major losses like the favourite spot of the Jodis ‘Mangluto’ is snatched away. This spot is known for all the hush-hush conversations. The other major happenings in the house unfold below, read on and enjoy the updates of your much loved show.

Jail Punishment details, Housemates turn against Nirmal and Romil

Bigg Boss asks all the contestants to name the defaulters who would be sent to the jail this week. Romil and Nirmal becomes everyone’s target. They are accused of being rude in the Samundari Lootere task. Kriti and Roshmi also take Nirmal and Romil’s name which angers them further. An argument starts and Deepak too is seen accussing Kriti and Roshmi of being unfair.


Sreesanth threatens to leave the Bigg Boss house

 Sreesanth tells Romil and Nirmal that they did not leave even the female contestants in the house in playing their dirty game. When Romil and Nirmal are not ready to accept their mistake, Sreesanth threatens to leave the BB 1 house.

 Romil tries to defend himself, Sreesanth loses his cool

 Romil opens up over his intentions, he says that he did everything to win the task. Sreesanth is not ready to listen to him and loses his cool.


Anup Jalota votes for Deepak and Urvashi for jail punsihment

Anup states that Deepak and Urvashi should be sent to jail as they have performed against the jodis. Sreesanth takes Urvashi’s side and says that she has only told the truth in the cushion task.

Vikas Gupta’s words of wisdom to Kriti before leaving the house

Vikas asks Kriti to stay with Roshmi and be careful as Roshmi spend half of her day and correcting what she has done wrong. They need to keep playing the game smartly.

After Vikas Gupta leaves, Sreesanth says that he is no one to provide this kind of advice to him or to anyone in the house.

Vikas Gupta’s Words for Appreciation for Anup Jalota and Dipika Kakar

Vikas tells Anup and Dipika that they playing the game really well and they should continue doing so. However, they both should start performing more in the tasks. He criticizes Sourabh and advices him to wake up as he has wasted someone else’s chance to be a part of Bigg Boss house. Some motivating words are also narrated by Vikas to Romil and Nirmal.

 Vikas Gupta makes a dashing but quiet entry in the Bigg Boss house

 Vikas Gupta, the BB 11 mastermind comes to the house to share his piece of valuable advice with all the housemates. When he enters the house all the contestants are asked to stay still. Neha Pendse is the first target as Vikas tells her to perform more in the episode. His next target Sreesanth is asked to behave like a sportsman he is and leave the BB 12 house without showing his special skills.

Karanvir is told to leave the Jodis and start interacting a little more with other housemates.

Romil fights with Shivashish and holds discussion with Deepak

When the day seem to have started on a good note, the silence is broken by Romil and Shivashish fighting and calling each other names at breakfast. Despite Anup trying to calm them the argument continues.

Romil becomes vocal with Deepak and tells him that he should play as a Jodi and should not support the Singles.

Jasleen Matharu hugs Dipika Kakar and kisses Anup Jalota

Anup Jalota tries to make Jasleen understand that she should not fight with Dipika. She should sit down and sort out differences with Dipika. After some time Jasleen kisses Anup Jalota and asks him to keep the lipstick marks and not wipe them. The other housemates find it to be a sweet gesture.

A new day starts

At one end Dipika and Neha are busy discussing about Somi and Saba Khan and their weird behaviour in the BB 12 house. The other housemates cannot get over the incident of Srishty Rode sleepwalking.

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