The morning alarm buzzes with “baapu sehat ke liye tu to hanikark hai”, housemates dance on the same and thinks may be the remaining contestants will get the chance to convince Jinn again.

Later on again kukdoo ku buzzed and Surbhi scolds Romil for sleeping but he denies to accept his mistake. Moreover they both got into an argument again.

Back to Jinn ki guffa

1. Sreesanth entered the cave, BiggBoss asked Sreesanth that if he wants to get saved from nominations then he will have ask Surbhi to destroy those tissues. But Sreesanth continues to deny and said I want to get nominated I can’t ask for it. But BiggBoss said its not your call , you have to ask Surbhi first. He goes out and tells Surbhi, without a thought she goes inside and those tissues full of emotions. She gets those tissues and dip them into color bucket and gave them to Sreesanth. Thus Jinn khush hua and he got saved from nominations.

Surbhi said even I am selfless and everybody appreciated her for this and Sreesanth thanked her for her kind act. He again appreciated Surbhi and said thanks to my fan.

Romil said we respect you and still we are your fan , Sreesanth and Romil got into a terrible argument and both of them kept on being sarcastic.

Romil and Deepak continued to talk about Sreesanth’s behaviour and the way he is so unpredictable.

2. Romil entered the cave, BiggBoss asked him if he wants to get saved he has to  ask Somi to destroy her family pictures that she has. He became so happy and happilu asked Somi to crush the photographs, Somi did the same. Thus Jinn khush hua and Romil is saved from nominations.

3.  Dipika entered the cave, BiggBoss asked her that if she wants to get saved from nominations he has to ask Sreesanth to destroy his family picture. She goes to talk to him and he happily ran inside and got the picture crushed. He even appreciated Dipika’s acts and where she stands in his life. And gave the pieces to Dipika. Thus Jinn khush hua and Dipika got saved from the nominations.

Dipika got emotional and did not feel good that he had to do this for. He tried to calm her down.

Surbhi v/s Sreesanth and Dipika

Rohit and Deepak were sleeping  in-spite of Surbhi’s warning they did not woke up. BiggBoss called everybody in the living area and scolded everybody. And asked Romil and Rohit to behave. So BiggBoss decided and asked Surbhi to take away 8 mattresses and keep them into the store room.

Argument heated up when Surbhi asked Dipika to sleep with Somi as they had to take off her mattress. Dipika denied that she won’t and thus argument turned worst because as usual they denied to listen to each other. Dipika said take away the mattress of those are at default. Surbhi in the end decided to give her decisions as she is the Captain of the house.

Luxury Budget task

Karanvir reads out that housemates failed to be statue during the family special, therefore they won’t get luxury budget.

BiggBoss mentioned about the new luxury budget task. BiggBoss mentioned about the competition between housemates where it is divided into two groups and will have to cook Chinese. Group 1- Dipika has Deepak and Rohit while group 2- Somi has Romil and Sreesanth. Karanvir and Surbhi will judge the competition The two groups get ready for the competition. Group Dipika wins and she chooses to share the gift hamper with her group and Sreesanth. Sreesanth refused to accept it and to thus she decided to give it to Somi.

Sreesanth felt bad for some reason but Dipika couldn’t make out. He returned all the gifts she gave, She tried to clarify things but he refused to talk. She burst out in tears and goes to the washroom and cries, he comes to talk to her but she walks away.

Sreesanth cries in garden area about he being not there with his wife on their anniversary. Deepak, Karanvir and Dipika to  console him and crack lame jokes.