Somi chose Deepak over Romil as she mentions about he being her good friend over Romil because he cares and helps her out and Somi feels Romil has done nothing for her.

The morning alarm buzzes “Chance maare” and the housemates groove on the song except Romil, who is still asleep and again Kukduku rang for him. Listening to this Surbhi asked Romil to start adhering the rules and not to repeat it.

Romil mentioned about he being awake and this was not for him.

Somi starts off with a fight again and calls him over-smart and mentions about how bad she felt bad over his words to Rohit. Romil tries to talk to Somi, she denies I don’t want to talk to a mean person like you and asked him to leave.

Best performer

BiggBoss asked the contestants to whose the best performer of the task from the winning team. Everybody decided upon Sreesanth’s name and tagged him as the best performer.

Kaalkothri ke patr

Since Sreesanth is the best performer he has to decide upon Kaalkothri ke patr, it has to be his own decision or mutually deciding the ones who deserve to go. Gong will ring thrice and Sreesanth has to name on each gong.

Somi thinks Romil deserves to go to jail as he is overconfident. Surbhi thinks it should be Deepak. Dipika supposes it should be Romil. Karanvir supposes it should be Rohit.

1. First gong rings

Sreesanth sends Romil to kaalkothri first. He says Romil deserves to go because of mattress issue and in light of the fact that he isn’t adhering to Bigg Boss rules. Romil enters kaalkothri.

2. Second gong rings

Everybody took Rohit’s name because of his behaviour, Second gong rings. Sreesanth took Rohit’s name because Romil was sent to jail for mattress issue so even Rohit deserves the same. Rohit enters kaalkothri.

3. Third gong rings

Everybody took Deepak and Surbhi’s name, Third gong rings. Sreesanth says everybody took Surbhi and Deepak’s name. But since she saved him so its his wish and he will send Deepak to jail. Deepak enters kaalkothri.

Eviction time

BiggBoss announces that housemates have to choose the contestants who according to them doesn’t deserve to go the finale amongst Karanvir,Rohit and Somi.

Rohit and Surbhi took Karanvir’s name, rest everybody took Rohit’s name because of his aggressive attitude, he is too mean and does not has a winning attitude. Biggboss said lets see who will be out.

Karanvir gets upset from Surbhi as she took his name. Surbhi mentions he is a strong competition and at this point of time she wants to eliminate her competition.

Karanvir talks to Somi about it and tells that Surbhi uses people for her benefits. First she used Romil, then me and now Rohit.

Rohit, Deepak and Romil talk about things in jail and Romil even mentions that Sreesanth is fake yet smart player.