Weekend ka var begins with Salman Khan and mentioned about how everybody says about 13th week being negative. But in BiggBoss house things are not like that and it was a family special . He played a clipping showing Dipika getting happy and emotional after meeting Shoaib, Somi and her sister talking about her relationship with Romil, and how things changed between the two.

Swara and Sumeet enter the house

Swara Bhaskar and Sumeet Vyas enter the show to promote their upcoming show on voot. And asked the contestants if they felt gender biased in the house or something personal happened with them. If yes,they have to state a reason and put that mud on the person.

Surbhi said Deepak is biased, Somi said Rohit is biased. Deepak said Surbhi and Deepika are gender biased. Romil also said Deepika and Surbhi are gender biased stating his own reasons. Dipika said Deepak and Rohit are gender biased. Sreesanth said Romil is gender biased. Swara and Sumeet waved a good bye to the contestants.

Salman is back

Weekend ka vaar is incomplete without Salman’s scolding the contestants, he made his entry on the reclining chair acting to sleep and being doozy. He scolds Romil for continuously doing it even after so many warning and scolding, Romil mentions that he has improved now. Salman basically meant its high time to improve this laid back attitude will lead you nowhere.

Bottom 3 contestants

Salman mentions about this week had so many task but best was Appy fizz task, where Deepak and Dipika stated who are contestants according to them they don’t deserve to go to finale.

Romil voted Surbhi, Karanvir and Rohit, Karanvir voted Surbhi,Romil and Rohit, Somi voted Karanvir, Rohit and Dipika, Rohit voted Karanvir, Romil and Somi, Surbhi voted Karanvir,Romil and Deepak, Sreesanth voted Deepak, Surbhi and Somi.

Caller of the week

This week Bauaa Singh from Meerut calls Salman Khan, to which Salman asked he wants to talk to whom, he mentions if you are here why would I wish to talk to somebody else. Later he asked Sreesanth a question, that if sometime BiggBoss opened the door he used to bang, what would have he done? Everybody laughed upon it Sreesanth said till 2 weeks I would have gone back home but not now. Bauaa Singh requests Salman that he wants to talk to Romil as well. Housemates request him to come to the house as he was so interesting. Salman reveals he is Shahrukh Khan and he will join you, hearing this housemates got excited.

Salman mention about no eviction this week.

Khan’s are back

Salman  khan and Shahrukh Khan had some fun moments together they had fun-time talking on bike and talking randomly about Taimur and wedding season, after seeing a Baraat they dance over there, seeing Taimur’s doll they make fun of it. They laugh over how they earning their pocket money through wedding season. Even joke about how Karan Johar wants to do everything like acting, hosting, directing and producing.

Shahrukh Khan Joins Salman Khan on the stage and they both groove on their song in ZERO.