Salman welcomes the audience and name the contestants who are nominated for the eviction this week. Karanvir, Rohit and Somi are nominated.

Salman welcomes the housemates and compliments Surbhi and she even says that as compared to your brother, you are silent as your brother is very talkative.

Guess who?

Salman planned and said lets play a game. He asked Romil to get Cupcakes and Gulel from store room. He explains the game and said you have to guess who has given that statement for that person. And after the guess they will smash the cupcake on their face with gulel.

Just one time Romil and Deepak got it right else all the guesses were wrong and even Rohit was smashed with cupcakes again and again but that was wrong assumption.


Fizz Caller of the week

Caller of the week called from haryana and questioned Karanvir that he couldn’t bond with anybody in the house. He mentioned that apart from the game he has a good relationship with Deepak and Sreesanth. To which Salman said that he is only person in the house with “no purpose” strategy.

Romil v/s Sreesanth- Sultani Akhada

Salman announced that Romil and Sreesanth will compete in the Sultani Akhada. They both had a verbal spat in Round 1, with housemates votes Sreesanth won the first round. Round 2 was won by Romil. Hence Romil won the Sultani Akhada.

Salman welcomes the other Khan, Shahrukh Khan

The Khan bhai groove on their song of the upcoming film and entertained the crowd with their dance moves and energy.

Salman gave Shahrukh a challenge that there is a thing in the box, without seeing it  he has to sell it, it was hand faucet. Everybody laughed over it and even Salman was amused to see Shahrukh’s witty replies.

Even Shahrukh showed an item, Dentures, but Salman’s words were more hillarious and Shahrukh’s questions nailed it.

Finally the wait for housemates is over, Salman introduced Shahrukh to the housemates. Housemates got excited to see him.

Salman told Shahrukh that Deepak enacts you, Deepak delivered some dialogues and even translated them to English. Shahrukh complimented and mocked him at the same time. Deepak even danced on Gerua using haldi.

Shahrukh complimented Surbhi as well.

Zero or Hero?

Shahrukh asked the contestants about who according to them is the hero and zero in the house.

Sreesanth considers him as zero, and Dipika as a hero. Karanvir said Romil is a zero and Surbhi is a hero. Romil offers zero to Surbhi and called Somi as hero.

Shahrukh bid a good bye to the housemates.

Salman tells Shahrukh that there are times where we don’t feel like answering to some questions. Here are some questions you need to answer and if you don’t feel like answering you have to drink the shot.

Salman asked Shahrukh that how many times he does not wear his underwear in one week.  Shahrukh replied once in a week. Shahrukh even revealed that he had no girlfriend before getting married nor he bought any awardsSalman preferred to drink shots rather than answering to certain questions. Salman answered that he was 17 when he kissed for the first time.

Shahrukh suggested Salman  to get married by next year and have babies. thus Shahrukh bids Adieu to Salman and leaves the show.

Salman then asked the contestants that according to them who will leave the show, they said Somi. But Salman said its Rohit. It left everybody shocked, he left the house.

Deepak called Romil that he acted fake and both had an argument again. Karanvir calls everybody as Dramebaaz, and called Sreesanth and Surbhi are fake.