Romil and Somi discussed their strategies where Somi said she will favour Surbhi now because she deserves on chance. She even mentioned she will choose Surbhi over Romil. Somi calls Romil an insecure person.

The morning alarm buzzed ” Saawan mein lagg gai aag”, housemates dance like crazy. Surbhi talks to herself and says that Deepak is mastermind and has made everybody as brother and sister except Somi.

Romil and Somi get into an argument again and blamed each other for playing dirty game, Somi called him selfish and insecure. Romil even says that Sreesanth doesn’t deserve this. On the other hand Sreesanth asked Deepak to save him else he will be out this week.

Somi assured Surbhi that she will consider her over Dipika and Sreesanth and help her during the task. Somi then suggest Romil, Karanvir and Deepak to play fair and give the chance to others also.

Task begins

The buzzer rings and the task begins and everybody runs towards the bus. Karanvir, Somi,Romil and Deepak decided not to leave the station and just keep rotating among themselves.

Deepak runs and get the seat in the fire brigade and Sreesanth runs from the front and enter the bus and takes a seat. Karanvir and Sreesanth get into a heated argument as they call each other to be cheaters. Shreesanth burst out on him.

Everybody asked Sreesanth to leave his seat because that is not allowed. Romil, Surbhi and Deepika were standing behind him. Sreesanth chose to give his seat to Dipika and walked off.

1. Deepak and Dipika are the firefighters and Karanvir and Sreesanth’s picture displayed on the wall. They had to mutually decide whom to save and who to burn. Dipika supported Sreesanth and gave reasons that why he wants Sreesanth should be saved. Whereas Deepak supported Karanvir and gave his point. They both didn’t conclude to one decision. BiggBoss had to intervene and asked them to come to a decision else half cross will be put on their picture. They both decided to save Karanvir and eliminate Sreesanth. And put a cross on Sreesanth’s picture.

Again Sreesanth got upset and was disappointed with Dipika. Dipika tries to justify herself but fails to do the same and they both get into terrible fight.

Somi tells Romil that she does not want to play for him and with him because he is mean and insecure man. Romil is playing his games and Somi asked him not to talk to her.

Sreesanth looses his calm on Karanvir for calling him a cheater. In between Somi and Sreesanth get into an argument. Dipika intervenes. Sreesanth and Karanvir decided to maintain distance from each other and not to talk to each other. Karanvir apologised for his words. Sreesanth provoked Karanvir and even kept on abusing him for the same.

Sreesanth mentions Karanvir is trapped in Romil’s game.

2. Surbhi and Karanvir enter the fire brigade and Dipika and Deepak’s picture appeared on the wall and Surbhi supported Dipika and Karanvir supported Deepak. Mutually they both decided to save Dipika and eliminate Deepak. And put a cross on Deepak’s picture.


Deepika gets mad at Karanvir for blaming her that she never took her stand nor played for herself in the game. She even mentioned that she is happy that she didn’t play like Surbhi else she should have faced the same. Deepika lost her calm and walk off. Sreesanth went behind Dipika to make her okay and tried getting her back to normal.