1. Romil and Deepika enter the fire brigade, Surbhi and Karanvir’s picture appeared on the wall. Deepika was seen defending Surbhi and she appreciates her efforts.Whereas Romil was defending Karanvir. Dipika even mentioned that Karanvir is just a co-housemate to her.Later on they both agreed upon to save Surbhi and eliminate Karanvir. And a cross was put on Karanvir’s picture. This makes a full cross on it.

Karanvir gets upset with Dipika’s statement and even gets angry at her.

2. Surbhi and Somi entered the fire brigade, Since Somi was sent because she already had full cross and nothing will affect her. Biggboss played a game and said if Surbhi and Somi won’t conclude to any decision then housemates who’s picture is there on the wall will get the cross.

Romil and Surbhi’s picture appeared on the wall. Surbhi said everybody is here playing for themselves even i would want to do the same, Somi wanted to save Romil as she has promised him. Deepak asked Somi to see him atleast. Later on they mutually decided to save Surbhi and eliminate Romil. A cross was put on Romil’s picture. Thus it made a full cross.

Deepak gets upset with Somi’s decision and tells Sreesanth that she betrayed and played the game. He even gets upset with Romil.

3. Sreesanth and Deepak entered the fire brigade and Sreesanth and Dipika’s picture appeared on the wall. Sreesanth supports Dipika whereas Deepak said you should play for your self. Therefore they mutually decided to save Dipika and eliminate Sreesanth. And a cross was put on Sreesanth’s picture. Thus making it a full cross.

The task ended and BiggBoss announced that Dipika, Deepak and Surbhi qualified for the ticket to finale task.

Karanvir cried his heart out because of everything that happened.

Sreesanth baked a cake for his wife and Romil and Deepak makes fun of it, Romil even mentions that he will celebrate some or the other birthday in coming 10 days.

The morning alarm buzzes “Ae kya kya bolti tu”, everybody danced well, where as Sreesanth and Dipika were playing play-pause.

Sreesanth gets nostalgic

Sreesanth gets emotional after seeing white clothes tells Deepak about the last test match he played. Deepak dedicates a song for him, Dipika hugs him and makes him okay.

Romil asks Deepak to sing song for those who back-stab their friends. Somi feels bad and again gets into an argument with Romil.

Ticket to finale

BiggBoss announced a task for Deepak, Dipika and Surbhi. Contestants will sit in the garden area with headphones in their ear, other housemates will speak in the mic kept in the booth. Once the contestants will feel that there 33 minutes have been completed, they have to get up and strike the gong. The contestants whose timing will be nearest to 33 minutes will be the first contestant to enter the finale.


Task Begins

1. Deepak wears the headphones and one by one everybody accused him some called double-faced, plays with people’s emotions, he is a chameleon etc etc.

Deepak gets up and rings the bell.

He later clear himself to Dipika and says he never said that. She said its you who always cross the limit.

2. Surbhi wears the headphones and one by one everybody accused her and called her that she plays with peoples emotion,plays women card, change colors like chameleon, fake, does not value relations etc.

Surbhi gets up and rings the bell.

3. Dipika wears the headphones and everybody accused her and caller her fake, she does not take her stand, selfish and even call her selfish etc.

Dipika gets up and rings the bell.

BiggBoss announced that since Surbhi was close to 33 minutes , so she enters the finale.

All of the housemates are nominated except Surbhi.

Dipika cries her out as she feels disappointed with her performance, Shreesanth tries to console her.

Romil feels happy for Surbhi and Happy Club.