The morning alarm buzzes and housemates were seen dancing with full zeal, where as Sreesanth and Dipika were again seen busy with their play-pause.

Again Romil was sitting in the garden area and cuckdoo coo buzzed continuously and he said he was not sleeping, to which Surbhi said its just you rest everybody is busy with their own work and both argued over it. And asked Romil to freshen up.

Again cuckdoo coo buzzed and Romil was in washroom, rest everybody was working. Romil said he was not sleeping, its just he had loose motions. Again he argued with Surbhi and everybody was happy to see that finally Romil got caught.

Final Kaalkothri ki saza

Manu Punjabi and Pritam Singh meets the contestants through the television. And asked the contestants about who deserves to go the jail and mentioned they have the power to release them.

1. Dual faced-Housemate had to answer who according them is dual faced. Maximum of them voted Karanvir, he justifies himself but was sent to jail.


2. Worst player– Manu and Pritam announced to the housemates that according to them who is the worst player. Sreesanth and Dipika took Surbhi’s name so did others. So because of maximum votes Surbhi was sent to the jail.

3.  Most irritating player- Dipika and Deepak caller Romil irritating as he does not situation but does what all he wants to do. Whereas rest of them called Deepak as most irritating. Thus Deepak was sent to jail.

Manu and Pritam in the house

The ex-BiggBoss contestants Manu and Pritam entered the house and welcomed by BiggBoss. Manu appreciated Dipika and Sreesanth for their relation and efforts. Manu told Romil about how he was so active and now is being so lazy. Deepak’s talent was appreciated by the two.

They both decided to release Karanvir, as according to them somebody else is the culprit. And waved a good bye to the housemates.

Romil and Somi again had an arguemnet when he mentioned about Manu called him lazy but Somi said its because of your negativity where Somi said he is playing, but Romil said I know you are the one who is actually playing and is the mastermind.

Surbhi revealed to Karanvir that he has Deepak to talk about and I have nobody and I have so much pain and stress inside me.