Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali khan along with the dancers entered the house with the dancers to promote their movie Simba.

Salman welcome the viewers and talked about the christmas gift for the housemates. And even mentioned that Surbhi is safe, rest of the contestants are nominated and talked about task given to them of ranking the contestants.

Ranking task

Contestants were given a task to rank the housemates from 1 to 7. After the hustle housemates ranked and gave the housemates a respective number.

1) Deepak, 2) Sreesanth, 3) Romil, 4) Somi, 5) Surbhi, 6) Karanvir 7) Dipika

Weekend ka Vaar

Salman meets the contestants and again pulls Karanvir’s leg and ask him how much time he takes to get ready and reminded him that how he takes two hours to get ready  and even talked about his eye lashes. Karanvir blushed over it and was seen buterring Salman and complimented him. Even mentions that now again he will get open letter.

He then talks about the ranking why everybody was thinking of 7th rank and not 1st rank. He asked Deepak why was Dipika chosen at no. 7, he explained because she does not perform. Dipika took her stand and explained herself.

Salman even asked Surbhi that according to her who deserves to be at No.1 she named Dipika, Karanvir took Surbhi’s name, Romil and Deepak took Sreesanth’s name.

Salman appreciates Surbhi for her performance in the task. Surbhi even thanked him because it was because of him that she changed this much.

Then asked Deepak about Fire Brigade task strategy, that the way Deepak, Somi, Karanvir and Romil planned it failed to win the contestants. Just Deepak managed to reach there. Deepak said it was not us who was playing, BiggBoss was playing the game.

Fizz Caller of the week

Caller of the week called Sreesanth and asked him about what he said about Karanvir’s father. Sreesanth said that he has even apologised for that and even clarifies himself. Karanvir and Sreesanth get into an argument where Karanvir says that he is fake, Sreesanth defends himself and mentions that you have to be real in reality show. Sreesanth said its him who has faced hardships in life.

Later on Salman asked the housemates who is the villain in the house, everybody took Surbhi’s name. Thus goes to the torture room.

Surbhi and Romil converse with each other where they both were seen complementing each other.

Team Simba on the set

Salman welcomed Rohit Shetty, Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali Khan on the stage. He said how Karan Johar has been irritating with his chat show. Salman asked Ranveer to act like him. He even danced on Radha.



They enter the house and give props to the contestants broom and dusting cloth, Sara join the boys and entertain housemates.