Ranveer Singh and Sara Ali khan met the contestants. Surbhi got mad as she couldn’t control herself after seeing Ranveer.

Ranveer and Sara played a game with them, where housemates will be shown two pictures out of which 1 is true and 1 is false. Housemates will have to decide this and come to a mutual decision.

After a good gala time Ranveer welcomed Rohit Shetty with his tremendous dance on Simba. Rohit Shetty was in full mood and said there will be an actor, suppose he is a NRI and has come to India to marry a desi girl. Firstly Dipika came to enact, then it was Surbhi who enacted like a girl from Bihar, Somi came to enact and Deepak called her disgusting.

Team Ranveer v/s Team Sara

Later on Rohit asked Sara and Ranveer to choose their team, Ranveer went and took all girls with him.

Whereas Sara got all boys.

Rohit assigned different task to both the the teams and said he will give the name and the teams will have to enact and dance according to them, in the middle of it Karanvir got hurt. Rohit concluded that both the teams earn 10 points each and its a tie.

Three of them waved a good bye to the housemates. Everybody was so happy and excited to meet the team.

Sultani Akhada

Salman meets the contestants and ask them about them how are they feeling, they said its both excited  and nervous.

He calls everybody to the Sultani Akhada and divides the housemates into two teams, Team A- Sreesanth,Dipika and Deepak. Team B- Romil, Somi and Karanvir. Here Surbhi will judge the teams.

First Dipika goes against Romil in verbal dangal where Romil wins, whereas Deepak and Sreesanth wins against Somi and Karanvir.

Second round was pillow fight where Romil and Deepak fought against each other and Deepak wins

Hence team Sreesanth won the task and got some shower and Nickelodeon awards.

Salman catch ups with team Simba

Rohit, Ranveer and Sara are back on the stage and interacts with Salman, where Rohit and Salman talks about Ranveer’s wedding. Ranveer said I am done its time to talk about Salman’s wedding and make his profile etc.

Rohit gave Ranveer a task where he has to pretend that he is talking to Deepika and has worn her pink lehnga. Everybody burst out with laughter.

Rohit gives a task to Salman to talk to BiggBoss. Salman nailed it and said he will think of hosting the next season and increase his price.

Thus team Simba took a selfie and leaves the stage.

Eviction time

Salman Khan is back and is here to evict one of them from the nominated candidates. He first announced the names of safe contestants and said Sreesanth, Deepak and Karanvir are safe.

And called the unsafe contestants to the box, where Romil, Somi and Dipika sat. In the meanwhile Dipika and Romil came out and Somi was seen nowhere.

Thus Somi gets evicted from the house and Deepak was in a shock.