The morning alarm buzzed “Urvashi Urvashi take it easy” and housemates make some good moves and happy faces all around .

Dipika and Sreesanth talk to each other and she mentions about that housemates are right you don’t perform your task nicely. Meanwhile Dipika starts counting and they both get into an argument and Dipika left. Whereas Surbhi was happy that Dipika raised her voice.

Sreesanth was discussing with Romil and Deepak that he is better than Karanvir, Romil agrees to it and says he feels “Sreesanth is mahaan” as compared to Karanvir. Sreesanth says I ll prove it to everybody and show it to people that what kind of person is Karanvir.

Sreesanth, Romil and Deepak were talking and even Surbhi was sitting. Sreesanth decided to organise “Sreesanth Chat Show”, where he asked Surbhi about her behavior that how she suddenly changed and is acting fake like this in the house. Surbhi explains herself but everybody cuts her to which Romil added that she mentioned that once she will be domestic then wild and then again domestic. Surbhi had no words to defend herself and walked off.

Later on again Sreesanth and Dipika raised up the topic while eating food, Surbhi started crying off after they normally asked about this is not what your parents taught. They get into a heated argument. Karanvir interrupted and asked Surbhi to keep quiet why is she answering to them? Sreesanth started off in anger and Karanvir and Sreesanth left no stones unturned.

Secret task 

BiggBoss called Deepak that its a secret task and if he completes the task, the housemates will get their christmas presents. Biggboss gave a phone to him where BiggBoss will assign him the task on phone and he has to complete it without anybody’s knowledge.

BiggBoss called Deepak and assigned him a task where he was supposed to hide Dipika’s photo frame and Romil’s turtle bag and has to blame it to Karanvir.

Deepak goes and hides turtle bag in Karanvir’s cupboard and Dipika’s frame in a bed box.

Deepak started off with a prank and said to Dipika and Romil that his nickelodeon toy is missing and started searching for it and even hide Romil’s ring in a box. Dipika realised her frame is missing and Deepak told Romil about the bag. Deepak said this must be Karanvir and Dipika told Sreesanth that her frame is missing. Karanvir  found Dipika’s frame in a bed box and said he did’nt hide that and she believed it.

Later on Deepak enacted and started searching for turtle bag in karanvir’s cupboard and found it. Romil said tell us the truth that was that you? He denied and Romil said its ok.

BiggBoss called Deepak again and asked to pass on the phone to Surbhi and Surbhi was given a task on phone, that she had to provoke Dipika to such a level that Sreesanth interferes in between.She does her job well and instigates to such level that they both yell at each other and even Sreesanth comes in between to protect Dipika. Everybody asked Surbhi to stop but she did not and even said that Dipika is a failed actress and left.

Surbhi felt bad over it because she was reformed and she did not liked the way she made Dipika cry.Later BiggBoss called Surbhi and asked her to give the phone to Sreesanth, she tried giving that to him but he was not ready to talk to her, Surbhi tried hard to convince him but failed.

Later Sreesanth talks to Dipika to make her feel comfortable but Dipika was feeling so bad and wanted to slap Surbhi, meanwhile BiggBoss asked Sreesanth that his doctor has arrived and goes away. In the middle of it Surbhi gave the phone to Sreesanth and told him that he will get a call  from BiggBoss and nobody should know about it.

Sreesanth got a call from BiggBoss and said that he has to dance while talking to everybody, he does the same and even tells Romil that he feels like dancing today.

BiggBoss announced and told everybody that Deepak, Surbhi and Sreesanth were given a secret task and they have made you earn Christmas gifts and party and asked Sreesanth to keep the phone in the store room. Everybody got shocked and even announced something is waiting for you in the store room and it was Dominos pizza. Everybody enjoyed it and thanked BiggBoss. Surbhi apologised to Dipika for what she did and explained her that it was because of the task but Dipika felt bad over “Failed actor”, Surbhi explained the reason behind it and hence Dipika forgave her.

Urvashi Rautela entered the house with gifts for the housemates and enjoyed with them, everybody was excited to see the gifts and Urvashi left.