The morning alarm buzzed “Ik din Ik Pal Ek Janiya” contestants waved their Salaam Namastey.

Sreesanth kissed the coffee mug that he recieved on christmas with his children’s picture on it.

Task Begins

1. BiggBoss Announced the task resumes and Romil will be the house guest. Everybody pleased Romil and was after him. Romil ordered Surbhi to make watermelon juice, Deepak to get water for him.

Meanwhile Gauhar Khan enters as celebrity guest and greets the housemates.

 She asked Deepak to make tea for her, Karanvir to remove his clothes and he has to convince everybody to write something positive for him.

Romil asked Sreesanth to trim his beard and wear a saree, to which Sreesanth said that he will think.


Romil asked Dipika to say “I Quit”, she even took Sanchalak’s permission to say it as she will continue to stay in the game. Sreesanth asked her not to do , but Dipika did that and Sreesanth got angry. Gauhar decided to give a task to Sreesanth and said she has to keep Dipika’s nikaah dupatta and Shoaib’s jacket to the store room. But he denied and said I quit, Gauhar tried to convince him again but he denied. Meanwhile Romil added upon and Sreesanth and Romil got into a heated argument.

Gauhar gave the star to Surbhi and both of them did a vote appeal.

2. BiggBoss announced the next house guest that is Dipika. Everybody pleased Dipika and she asked Romil to trim his half beard , he said I will think. Aalishah Panwar entered the house as celebrity guest.

She asked Romil to make tea for her and asked Karanvir to drape a saree to Deepak and put some make as well and make him Tv Bahuu. He prepares a song to impress the guest, both of them got impressed from him.

Romil was about to trim his beard, Dipika stopped him.

She gave Deepak star batch and they both made a vote appeal to save him.

3. BiggBoss announced that Surbhi will the next house guest. Jasmin Bhasin entered the house the celebrity guest. She asked Deepak to wear sexy shorts and enter the pool and sing for her. She asked Dipika to make some tea for her.

She asked Karanvir to drape Romil a saree and put some make up as well.

Surbhi asked Dipika to give a reason why Sreesanth deserves to be a winner. She said needs time to think, meanwhile listening to this Sreesanth gets mad at Surbhi.

Jasmin asked Dipika to dance for her, Deepak sings and she danced.

Jasmin Bhasin gives the star batch to Deepak and made a vote appeal and left.

Surbhi and Sreesanth began to argue again. BiggBoss announced the task ended.