The morning alarm buzzed “Say na Say na” dance and fun made the morning glorious. Karanvir again congratulated top 5.

Deepak and Romil were having a conversation where Romil said he felt Karanvir will be eliminated but can’t digest the fact that Surbhi is gone. Deepak said I never thought so because Karanvir always performs and make strategies and his funny side is obviously like by the public.

Later on Deepak told everything to Karanvir, and felt nothing against him and said Romil is a person who can’t be satisfied at any point in his life.

Question about the game

BiggBoss then announced that its been 15 weeks and public wants to know the answer to some questions and welcomed Jay Bhanushali, Vikas Gupta and Shweta. They are here to question everyone about their game.

1. Firstly it was Deepak, where Vikas did thumbs up and Jay did thumbs down. He was questioned about playing a small town boy card, to which he denied and clarified that Dipika and Sreesanth actually know where he belongs to, Romil intervenes and everybody pointed out Romil that it is his perception.

He was even asked a question of putting down others, where he said that it was till 10th week now he does not to do that neither I have abused, Karanvir intervenes and said he has a quality of irittating people.

2. Sreesanth came next, here Vikas did a thumbs down and Jay did a thumbs up. He is questioned about his game, Sreesanth justifies himself and says that if something comes on me I have started taking as Dipika controls  it but if it comes on her I couldn’t control because she is my sister.

 Romil leaves nothing and again pinpoints him and says that he never learn from his mistakes and just repeat them and even use his cricket. Dipika supported Sreesanth here and said when Surbhi’s incident happened he saw Sreesanth in the washroom and cried so that means Romil is fake, Deepak agreed.

Sreesanth couldn’t control himself and left and cried, Dipika controlled him, even Vikas taught him, Sreesanth apologised him. Later on again Sreesanth and Romil argue, Vikas said he feels Sreesanth does not treat his guest well. He apologise to Karan Patel and Gauhar Khan for misbehaving.

3. Karanvir came next, where Vikas did thumbs up and Jay did a thumbs down. He was asked about he being Mahan, he justifies himself and even Sreesanth appreciates that he is genuinely a nice person but he acts to be a king maker and not a king.

4. Dipika came next, where Vikas did a thumbs down and Jay did a thumbs up. She was questioned about her game plan that initially she said she will not make any bond and now she has made one. To which she replied that it is something genuine and real. Romil calls her to be fake as she herself nominated Sreesanth and cried in-front of camera.

She is even questioned about being Sreesanth’s spokesperson. She said its nothing like that its just that we support each other. She was questioned about not performing task, she said she gives her 100%. Vikas added on said its not like you can’t win, last time winner also didn’t perform much.

Dipika said she see herself and Sreesanth in the finale as they have shown their real side since the beginning.

5. Romil came next, Vikas and Jay both did a thumbs down. Vikas said he thought he won’t but the way you try to pull down everybody you deserve it. Deepak called Romil fake and diplomatic.  He has not even valued a single relationship in this house, Karanvir supports him. Romil clarifies but nothing is justified.

Three of them left and wished the housemates all the luck.

Sreesanth talks about the blames with Dipika and tells him that it happens in anger that is why she asks him to stop.