The episode begins with Karan Johar and Salman Khan’s conversation, where Karan asked him about who is the winner of BiggBoss season 12. Salman said I don’t know, to which Karan said my mother is asking. Meanwhile Salman asked him to go for his show’s finale.

Salman announced there are the views about public for their favourite contestants.

1. Deepak got first chance to hear out his contestants where somebody said he is their favourite player, some said they want him to marry Somi, some said he is not a Small town boy anymore. He felt happy that he won hearts of million people around.

Biggboss congratulated Deepak for audience review and how good people think about him. Showed him the glimpse of 15 weeks, Deepak got emotional and happy after reliving those moments.

BiggBoss appreciates Deepak’ efforts and the way he has made his parents proud, because of him his father could travel in plane and wear Rs. 1000 pair of shoe.

2. Karanvir  came next, his fans appreciated his way of playing the game, positive attitude, real Karanvir, flood of tweets etc etc.

BiggBoss congratulated Karanvir the way he has won people’s heart and the way he lived like a common man and step by step by reached the 15 weeks, the journey displayed.

Karanvir was full of emotions seeing his task, Salman teasing over his dressing sense,friendship, meeting his wife, fights, Dipika’s help and words against her.

BiggBoss was impressed with his common man attitude. Karanvir cried his heart out and thanked BiggBoss for everything.

3. Sreesanth came in next, his fans mentioned that they are only his cricket fans but even BiggBoss fans, some said they are happy with strategies, complimented for his attitude, like you have won the world cup similarly win BiggBoss trophy.

BiggBoss congratulated him for his fan following and Sreesanth thanked his fans and BiggBoss. The glorious 15 weeks journey displayed.

Sreesanth saw all happy, sad and fun moments spent with the housemates, fight to patch up, accusing to apologising, strangers to sister bond.

Sreesanth got emotional seeing his journey and thanked BiggBoss.

4. Romil gets the chance, he gets to hear to his fan following about his attitude,friendship, bonding with Somi.

BiggBoss congratulated Romil for this and Romil got emotional seeing his fan’s love and appreciated that. The glorious 15 weeks journey displayed.

On seeing Happy Club , he gets emotional, friendship with Somi, entry of his wife and son Oj. Romil and Deepak teared apart, he cries seeing that.

Romil thanked BiggBoss and his fans in an emotional way.

5. Dipika came next, fans talked and appreciated about her bond with Sreesanth, she portrayed herself the way she is, dignified women etc etc.

BiggBoss said its not easy still you managed and even said it must be interesting for you. The glorious 15 weeks journey displayed.

From entering the house to fights, to taunting each other, kitchen matters, task issues beautiful bond with Sreesanth, calling her to be clever to supporting Sreesanth and sometimes fights with Sreesanth, apologising to each other, Romil’s blame. Dipika got emotional seeing Shoaib’s clip when he came in the house and got emotional.