Dipika asked Megha and Somi  about sugar yet even they appear to be stunned. Megha begin searching for other kitchen things as well and loses her calm.

Dipika gets upset because they have hidden milk, Sugar and coffee and gets angry because that was not for their personal consumption, rather it was for rest of the housemates too. She mentioned she had to ask for sugar free from Karanvir .While talking to Sreesanth she said even I will hide the stuff when it comes next time, Sreesanth called them “stealers”.

Megha gets irritated when Dipika discloses to her that Karanvir has now hidden the sugar in the kitchen. Megha gets furious and advises Somi to not cook food for anybody and just go and take rest. On the other side, Deepak and Rohit kept coffee and sugar in their boots.

Surbhi cried her heart out, Romil asked Sreesanth about the incident

Surbhi reveals to Karanvir that Sreesanth is wahiyad and my family must have heard all the bullshit that he said to  me and they will slap him outside. Dipika asks Sreesanth that the coming week will be dull for them. Rohit and Deepak blame Sreesanth and target him by passing sarcastic comments.

Romil questions Sreesanth for his misconduct and on the opposite side Surbhi gets provoked. She reveals to Karanvir that she did not understand that Sreesanth will go too low and Karanvir discloses her that he can’t gather any respect for Sreesanth. On the other hand, Sreesanth defends himself to Romil and Dipika. He said that he was provoked to an extreme level and did not mean anything.

Surbhi cried badly and gets passionate. Somi reprimands Sreesanth for his character explanation and points the finger at Dipika for supporting him. Karanvir attempts to calm down Surbhi by saying that her time will come. Somi discloses to Romil that if such incident happened with her, she won’t have let anybody commenting on her.

Sreesanth apologised Surbhi

Dipika talks to Sreesanth that whatever he did wasn’t right. Sreesanth says that he misbehaved with  her so he was sorry for that and he has done that he won’t do it again. Dipika asked Sreesanth to state sorry to learn as he abused Surbhi. Sreesanth denies because he felt that even Surbhi was equally responsible but  didn’t apologise. Romil additionally asked him to do that. Dipika again requested him that he should go and apologize to Surbhi.

He goes straightway  in anger and says sorry to Surbhi. Somi feels that Sreesanth doesn’t feel this and the way he said it was too bad. All are irritated with him. Dipika is disappointed  with Sreesanth as the was he said sorry was pathetic. So they both get into an argument. Somi and Karanvir don’t care for Sreesanth’s conduct.

Surbhi requests all of them to be quiet. She asks Sreesanth not to state anything to her and she will do the same.

Jasleen burst out

After Rohit and Deepak were making coffee from the stolen things. Both of them came back in there in the living area and Jasleen asked about the sugar which they has stolen and because you we couldn’t drink tea or coffee. Karanvir in weird way mentioned that Dipika and Megha knew where is the sugar free kept you could have have asked for it from them. Deepak and Rohit started joking around about eviction that you will go so you keep quiet. If i will steal sugar you will be evicted this week i ll be save.

Jasleen and Megha couldn’t tolerate this and without any hesitation or break they equally responded to their comments. Rohit and Jasleen started abusing each other and this turned into a huge fight. Surbhi and Karanvir were defending Rohit and said he is a kid if he will not do all this who will do. It turned dirty and Jasleen burst into tears and Romil defended Jasleen and got angry with Deepak and Rohit for the same.

Romil and Somi drift apart, after the argument Romil said they are wrong you are supporting them. Romil says that I am not good for you may be so yo go with your friends. Somi gets angry and says i am meant to hear this from both the sides and feels bad over it

Next morning housemates wake up with “Sabse Bada Rupaiya” , Dipika and Romil  discuss about that this must be a task to retain the lost money from the winning amount.