BB School Bus task

Karanvir read out the rules that were given by BiggBoss for the BB School bus task. As soon as he was done with it contestants started making strategies about that they should take the bags of their team only so they cam save them from the elimination.

After the announcement was made housemates stood in front of the door to take the bags.

Task begins

Housemates were standing near the door and get into a fight for taking the place close to the door so that they can take bags as soon as possible. During this tenure Rohit and Sreesanth got into a verbal spat. Rohit even commented on Sreesanth’s sexuality. Surbhi and Somi supports Rohit and accuses Sreesanth because of the past issue. Dipika had a burst out and ask Rohit and Sreesanth because she said its not right for a girl to hear the same bad thing every time. Listening to this Surbhi got hyper and in taunts Dipika in a sarcastic manner.

1. Romil gets eliminated

As the horn blows, everybody rushed to pick the bags while entering the room in the hustle,Karanvir fell down where as Romil stops Surbhi as she takes 3 bags and both of them get into and argument and as usual Surbhi starts abusing.

Later Romil has Deepak’s bag and Surbhi tags him to be a liar, Dipika was sitting on the stair to block the way where as Romil was standing. After BiggBoss announced they had to settle down on the seats. After the break sounds, Deepak rushed out of the bus with Romil’s bag and it had Rs.10,000. Thus Romil got eliminated from the task.


Thus Romil becomes the sanchalak of the task. He gets into fight with Surbhi and Rohit.

2 Sreesanth gets eliminated

Romil suggests that he can push whosoever he wants inside the room not outside, so everybody tells him to be a fair sanchalak. After the horn blows, everybody rushed into the room and got the bags while Sreesanth was stopping Rohit, he even tried to stop him from entering the bus.

Both of them get into a terrible argument and Karanvir, Surbhi and Deepak requested Biggboss to eliminate him from the task. After the brake sound, Deepak ran again and deposited Sreesanth’s bag and amount was Rs. 20,000.

Deepika lost her calm and gets aggressive and starts crying to which Sreesanth promised her that he will not repeat it again. Sreesanth even added a fake statement that Karanvir touched Dipika inappropriately. Karanvir came to Deepika and said he did not do that and apologised for holding her.

Somi on the other hand accused Jasleen for taking support of other man in the house. She even used a wrong statement and said,“ek chala gaya toh dusra option chahiye”. Thus Jasleen felt bad over it and got aggressive. Later Romil tried to clear his part to Somi. But latter both ended up in annoying each other.

Somi gets emotional, Karanvir advises her to comprehend things. Surbhi advises Somi to be careful separation among her and Romil. She further says that Romil is a political individual and Somi advises her to not say anything against him. Somi discloses to her group that her affections for Romil is finishing gradually.

Somi then apologise to Jasleen for her mistake. Jasleen is still upset with her.

3. Jasleen gets eliminated

Housemates assemble close to the entryway and Romil advises Somi to return. Somi gets annoyed with Romil and abandons. Jasleen remains in Somi’s place and she advises Romil to send Jasleen behind. Jasleen denies moving from her place and inside no time, Jasleen and Somi get into a fight.

Afterward, Rohit instigates Romil and he instigates him. Romil hits Rohit with his nose and Karanvir and Surbhi blame Romil.

As the buzz rings, Somi holds Jasleen and they begin pushing one another. Jasleen vents out her annoyance and advises Romil to stand firm. Jasleen and Somi point the finger at one another.

Later Romil advises Jasleen to play the task and she goes and sits inside the bus. Somi advises Deepak to target Jasleen and thus deposited his bag for Rs. 35,000.