This luxury budget task was successful to show the true colors of their friends, no matter who it was. Since the weeks are coming to an end everybody is playing for themselves and has turned mean.

The task resumes

1. Megha gets eliminated

When the buzzer rings, the task begins and Romil accused Surbhi for sitting in the bus before hand without bag. He lost his calm and even fought with Karanvir and Deepak. Thereafter Deepak expels Megha from the task. Megha lost her calm and threw that bag out of the bus.

Sreesanth and Rohit get into a battle. Rohit continues to instigates Sreesanth by calling him “fatichar insaan”. Sreesanth lost his calm and goes to slap him.

2. Dipika gets eliminated

As the buzzer rings, housemates again rushed to get the bag. The housemates now target Dipika and instigates her. Sreesanth and Rohit again get into a verbal spat and Surbhi accompanies him. Dipika loses her quiet and gets down from the transport. Dipika gets emotional and communicates her discomfort before Megha and Romil. Romil endeavors to calm down Dipika.

Deepak and Surbhi focus blame on one another. The buzzer rings and Rohit expels Dipika out from the assignment. Surbhi advises Dipika to calm-down and Dipika advises her to not to show this fake concern.

3. Karanvir gets eliminated

The gong rings and Deepak expels Karanvir out from the task. As karanvir said there must be huge amount in his bag.

4. Deepak gets eliminated

The gong rings and Surbhi holds Deepak. Surbhi and Deepak get into a verbal spat. Rohit, Deepak, Surbhi argue with one another. They get into a fight wherein Deepak calls Rohit a ‘Dogla insaan’.Sreesanth and Dipika appreciate the fight between Happy club.

Karanvir tells everybody that he scarified himself for them and Jasleen and Dipika ridicules him.

The buzzer rings Rohit expels Deepak from the task. Surbhi and Somi get into a verbal spat. Somi says they were out of line. Even Karanvir and Romil battle and maltreatment with one another.

Romil said  that Karanvir is the genuine genius behind breaking Happy club. Romil even said that Karanvir said that he will break their group and has done that. Jasleen  Surbhi and Rohit blame Karanvir for being a dogla insan.


5. Somi gets eliminated

The buzzer rings and Rohit expels Somi from the undertaking.

Bigg Boss declares that Surbhi and Rohit will battle for the captaincy task.

Somi and Deepak broke down

Somi confronts about what all Deepak did with her like she felt cheated. Romil joined both of them and apologised for his mistakes. Things got normal between them and started laughing over things. Romil said we 3 will now make new group “Apple Pie”. Deepak cried  his heart out to Romil and said he is feeling that they have back stabbed him, But he feels he did the same with Somi so he can’t say anything to others and said everybody is fake.

Later on Deepak apologised to Somi for what he did with her , Somi was in anger and said she felt bad over it . He said he is feeling guilty over it and it was wrong to go against her and did not forgive him for the same.

Deepak felt guilty

After Somi didn’t forgive Deepak for the same, he locked himself in the washroom, and started hurting himself to which Sreesanth knocked the door and asked him to come out. karanvir warned him to open the door else he will break it, and Sreesanth, karanvir, Dipika,Somi consoled. Deepak said he is feeling guilty and even threw the lamp in anger and later Somi forgave him later on.

Dipika asked Sreesanth for what reason is Deepak feeling guilty. He disclosed to her that Deepak can’t take failure .Surbhi and Rohit talk about Deepak who began betraying first. Deepak seeks apology  from Somi.

Somi even suggest him not to become Sreesanth.