The wait is over as Grand finale is here, Salman Khan makes a grand entry and make moves with full enthusiasm and zeal. Salman shows his moves one by on Paradee with Sreesanth, Dipika, Deepak, Romil and Karanvir respectively.

Salman welcomed the audience and announced that finally its time to announce who will be the winner of the season will get trophy as well as prize money. The ex-contestants are here on the stage and one by one Salman Khan asked them who will be the winner according to them.

BiggBoss announced that the wait is over and its time to raise a toast to Top 5 contestants, who managed to reached the finals. He even congratulated them.

Video Clip played and it began with Deepak’s parents what they felt, Romil’s father gave his views  Dipika’s mother said she was happy when she got to know this, Karanvir’s father said he knew he will be positive, Sreesanth’s wife appreciated about his behaviour and nature. Appreciations kept on going one by one and housemates got emotional to see them and even felt happy. One by one their family members wished them good luck.

Salman Khan met the housemates and talked to them.

1. Romil about what his father said and appreciated him, Romil got happy to see his father on stage and got emotional.

2. Bhuwaneshwari came for Sreesanth along with his daughter and talks to his father and said he is funny.

3. Teejay came for Karanvir along his mother and wished him luck.

4. Deepak’s mother came for him and wished him luck and said she wants him to make his village proud and popular.

Salman told Sreesanth that he said it was 299 times when he said I wanna go home. Dipika cried on 4th day for the first time. When did Somi got uncomfortable from Deepak? Deepak was shy from his family sitting around. He lift up the veil and reveal the trophy.

Romil’ Fan Club

People from Romil’s home town Karnal his family and neighbours wished him luck and how excited are they so that Romil win and get the trophy. Video call with his family and friends with Romil, he talked to them and said them thank you.

Dance War is on..

Enough of the verbal spat its dance war time Sreesanth, Karanvir and Romil danced on Khali Bali hogya h dil, aggression and full of enthusiasm.

Bharti’s bash

Bharti Singh enter the house “o ladki aakh maare”, housemates dance with her. Bharti congratulated Top 5. Mimics  with Deepak that what will he do first when he goes out, bharti said “khulle me dabaa leke bethega” everybody laughs over it. Even showed what their fans think about them.

Bharti wished them luck and waved off.

Karanvir Bohra is out from race of finale.

Deepak’s Fan Club

Video clips showing from Deepak’s village Athar, and they wished him luck and were happy with his efforts.Video Call with people in Deepak’s village and they wished him happy birthday. And even talked to Deepak on Video call and Deepak sing “phoolo ka taaro ka for her sister”.

Dance off between Salman Khan and Bharti Singh spiced up the show.

Rohit Shetty in the house to take one contestant from Top 4. And Romil is out from the race in Khatron ke khiladi style.

Countdown begins

Top three gather with a buzzer in-front and SUITCASE on the other side. One who will press the buzzer first will the bag and will be out from the race. Take 20 lakhs and exit or play the game.

Deepak pressed the buzzer and came out with Rs. 20 lakhs

Brother sister duo did a fun-filled dance on “ye ladka hai deewana”.

BiggBoss announced and complimented finalist. Both held the hands and walked out the house with head held high. And left the house with fire crackers.

Salman held both of them with his hands and raised Dipika’s hand and declared her as the winner of BiggBoss 12.