The morning alarm buzzes and housemates groove on “Aa Dekhe Zara kisme kitna hai dum”.

Surbhi suggests Rohit not to become the part of planning plotting at such an initial point let things come on their way.

Sreesanth and Deepak discuss about Romil and get into a deep conversation.

Team Black v/s Team Red

Karanvir read out the luxury budget task for the week. The housemates were divided into two teams respectively. Team Black- Karanvir, Romil and Deepak. Team Red- Sreesanth, Rohit,Somi and Dipika. Since Surbhi is the captain she will be the moderator.

The winning team will get special power during Kalkothri ki nominations.

There will be an apple tree with Appy Fizz bottles hanging on it alongside a gaming zone.Two boxes have been assigned to each group. The task was divided into three stages.  The winner of each stage will be given Appy Fizz from the tree  and then have to keep on the designated box. The opposite team can snatch or steal that. The team with maximum Appy Fizz bottle will be the winner.

The task begins

1. Both teams were asked to send one player each who had to answer 7 questions that will be asked by Surbhi Rana. Team Black sent Deepak where as Team Red sent Dipika.

a) Name three housemates who are not good enough to make it to the finale?

Deepak names Dipika, Rohit and Surbhi. Dipika names Romil, Somi, Karanvir.
Dipika wins the first point.

b) Who has been the worst captain?

Dipika names Karanvir, Deepak names Sreesanth. Dipika wins 2 point

c) Who would you not want to meet after the game is over?

Dipika names Romil,Deepak names Rohit. Deepak win’s a point.

d) Who has not revealed his actual character?

Dipika names Karanvir, Deepak names Dipika. Dipika wins the point

e) Whose overconfidence is self-destructive?

Dipika names Deepak, Deepak names Romil. Deepak wins the point

f) Who spreads negativity in the house?

Dipika names Romil, Deepak names Sreesanth. Deepak wins the point

g) Who has taken help from others to come so far in the contest?

Dipika names Somi, Deepak names Dipika. Dipika wins the point.

Hence Dipika won the task and Team Red earned the Appy Fizz. Somi and Deepika got into an argument because of Dipika called her weak. Somi even argued with Surbhi.

Team Red were guarding there bottle, Romil and Deepak tried to steal the bottle. Meanwhile Deepak and Sreesanth got into a fight and Romil managed to steal the bottle. Deepak and Romil were protecting the bottle whereas Somi tried to snatch it. Deepak misbehaved with Surbhi and both got into a serious fight and Surbhi warned him to behave.

2. The second task was to target and shower where there will be a dodger and shooter, the dodger will wear a head protector with a paper frame on it and the shooter of the opposite group will splash water on it to tear it. The person who tears the paper first will be the winner of the round.

The groups had to pick two contestants each from their group representing the shooter and dodger. First Rohit is the shooter and Deepak is the dodger. The round starts, Deepak’s paper is torn in 10 seconds. Next round has Romil as the shooter and Somi as the dodger. Romil tears Somi’s paper in 12 seconds. Deepak and Romil don’t agree with Surbhi’s choice. Surbhi declared Team red as the winner and gave them Appy Fizz.

Sreesanth snatched the bottle that Romil and Deepak had grabbed before.  Romil again goes to Dipika’s team and again snatched one of the two bottles. Seeing to  Romil’s mentality, Sreesanth goes and give them the other bottle as well.

3. The third task illustrated that each team as to paint the wall. Team Red was given blue colour whereas Team Black was given Yellow colour. Sreesanth and Romil represented respectively and even had a fight between the task, after the buzzer rang Surbhi declared Romil to be the winner as there was yellow colour more.

Sreesanth continued to paint the wall even after the task was finished, Surbhi asked her to come out and he came out. While coming back he snatched one bottle from team black and gave it back to Somi and went again to snatch the other bottle as well.

BiggBoss announced that the task comes to and end Surbhi has to declare the winner. Since Team Red has maximum bottles She declared them as the winners.

Karanvir and Deepak tried to play a game and put there Team Black tag on that team red box and claimed to be the winners, to which Surbhi denied and they got into an argument.

BiggBoss gave the surprise to the winning team and Surbhi and got pizza boxes and they were not allowed to share with the loosing team.