Surbhi was going away and Romil asked for water. Later on Surbhi was having a normal conversation with Romil and told him that he felt bad of what Romil is doing again and again because that makes her feel guilty all the more. Romil blamed her for other things and asked Surbhi not to talk to him.

Surbhi discussed the same with Somi and said Romil is an insecure man and she will not talk to him ever.

The morning alarm buzzes and contestants makes some move on “hawan karenege”.

Sreesanth v/s Dipika

Sreesanth and Dipika got into a huge argument where Sreesanth was criticizing himself and said I will just get 6 votes that too from my family. You and Karanvir are celebrities and people’s favourite so you will be in the finale.

Dipika asked him to stop chanting this else she will leave, Sreesanth continues and Dipika walks off and gets emotional. Later two were discussing the same and Dipika said that even she has faced hardships in her life and walked off.

Dipika felt heart broken, Surbhi hugs her and Karanvir tries and consoles her. Sreesanth tries to figure out things but two of them blame each other. Dipika says leave me alone. But Shreesanth apologised and did certain things to make her happy and both ended up being together.

Ticket to finale

BiggBoss gave an interesting task to the housemates. BiggBoss Fire station was set up because of which they will get a ticket direct to the finale. A fire brigade was set up opposite to which two buildings are set up. After every buzzer two firefighter(contestants) had to sit in the fire brigade and later two pictures will come and they will have to mutually decide who they want to save and who they want to burn they will take their names and give them half cross.The one with two half cross will be out from the finale.

Romil and Deepak make their strategies and decided to team up with Karanvir and Somi, where Deepak said he will never be in for Surbhi. Sreesanth and Dipika thought to take Karanvir with them.

Task begins

1. Karanvir and Somi discuss their own strategy. Romil and Surbhi’s picture appeared on the wall. With mutual decision they decided to save Romil. And half cross was put on Surbhi’s picture.

Surbhi then said that she will go along with Dipika, but Deepak and Romil laughed over it and Surbhi got pissed off with the same and said Somi is a puppet.

Romil told Deepak that Surbhi will starts off with his drama now whereas Karanvir and Somi strategies that they will play for themselves now. Surbhi pleased them to let her sit there and perform.


Sreesanth and Dipika tells Surbhi that you are not same old Surbhi for them.

2. Deepak and Romil replaced Somi and Karanvir sat on fire brigade. Somi and Deepak’s picture appear on the wall. With mutual decision they decided to eliminate Somi and save Deepak. And a half cross was put on Somi’s picture.

Surbhi told we should try and not give up but Dipika and Sreesanth disagreed over it. Surbhi said I won’t give up.

3. Karanvir and Somi get into the firebrigade, Romil and Deepak’s picture appeared on the wall and they decided to save Deepak and eliminate Romil. And a half cross was put on Romil’s picture.

4. Romil and Deepak get into the firebrigade, Somi and Karanvir’s picture appeared on the wall. Mutually they decided to save Somi and eliminated Karanvir. And a half cross was put on Karanvir’s picture.

5. Karanvir and Somi get into the bus and later on Sreesanth and Dipika’s picture appeared on the wall. They mutually decided to save Sreesanth and eliminate Dipika. And a cross was put on Dipika’s picture.

6. Romil and Deepak get into the bus and Romil and Somi’s picture appeared on the wall.

After a long discussion they mutually decided to save Romil and eliminate Somi. Hence another half cross is put on Somi’s face, which makes a full cross.

Somi felt horrible after what happened and said its high time I will play for myself now. Deepak and Somi get into an argument when Deepak told her about how Romil was pretending to save her first but later on flipped.

Somi goes to Romil to clarify things what Deepak told him and called him insecure person and said she will play her game only and won’t help others.

Romil talks about it with Deepak and within no time they get into an argument. Somi accused them that they just use people, Deepak asked her not to talk to him till he is here. Somi said she doesn’t feel like.