Its morning time, Karanvir speaks loudly and tells her daughter that he will be home soon.

Its a bad morning for Somi and Romil as they get into a heated argument.

BiggBoss Chat Show

BiggBoss announced that a chat show will be organised where housemates will get an opportunity to talk to the the outside people through Radio. The housemates will be called in a pair and will have a conversation with famous RJ.

1. Dipika and Romil

Firstly, Dipika and Romil were called in activity and were welcomed by RJ Malishka. They both were seen talking against each other and even called each other weak. Meanwhile even they received calls, one of the caller asked Romil if he is a back stabber, he clarified his part. Other caller complimented Romil. One caller asked Dipika why she just acts like Sreesanth’s shadow, to which she just justifies that we both are strong and just support each other.

One caller asked if Sreesanth was not there in the show, then do you think you both would have been friends? Dipika said “Big No”, where as Romil said may be yes. They both waved a good bye to RJ Malishka.

2. Deepak and Somi

Next ones to go in the activity room were Deepak and Somi,one sided lover expressed himself when RJ asked him about his feelings. Somi cleared herself and said its been 13 weeks being together but he is a just a friend and nothing more. Meanwhile callers called in between  and said you should be together. Another caller said said that she likes Deepak.

Deepak sings a song for Somi and both of them said that we both care for each other. RJ asked to give one word to the housemates. Thus RJ waved a good bye to the duo.

3. Sreesanth and Karanvir

Next ones to go in the activity room were, anti-housemates or rivals. After a fun-filled chat one of the caller called and said to Sreesanth that it was heartbreaking to hear what he said to Karanvir’s father. One of the caller complimented Karanvir for his style and looks. Another caller asked Karanvir about Dipika and Sreesanth’s relationship, he said he used to feel initially it is fake but not now but she is just shadowed under his personality.

Sreesanth breaks down and talks to Dipika about his past life, she tries to console him. On the other hand Karanvir recalls that and feels bad over it.

Later on Sreesanth apologised Karanvir and he is sorry from his heart but he did not mean that.