Morning alarm buzzed “Mumbai se aaya mera dost”, housemates moved and danced well and Dipika and Surbhi hugged each other and forget everything.

BiggBoss Hotel task

Karanvir announced the task that house will be turned into BiggBoss Hotel one by one housemates will get the chance to become the guest along with the celebrity guest and housemates will have to host the guest.

Task begins

1. Biggboss announced that Sreesanth will be the first guest and he just gives his swag and flaunts off. Hina Khan enters as celebrity guest.

Hina gave different task to the housemates. She asked Romil to clean the jail, Deepak to get into the pool and sing for her and he said that his sisters love her alot. She even asked Deepak to do that but he couldn’t do it. She asked Dipika to curl Karanvir’s hair and put some Kajal too.

She asked Surbhi to trim Deepak’s half beard.

Later on Sreesanth demands single mattress from Surbhi, she tries to convince Dipika but couldn’t Succeed. Everybody tried their level best but failed. Romil on the other hand got the idea to fold the double bed mattress and make it single one. Sreesanth said he is not convinced.

Hina Khan was convinced and gave a star to Romil. Romil along with Hina Khan made an appeal to vote him and save him.

2. BiggBoss announced that Karanvir will be the second guest and rest of them will be the staff members. Juhi Parmar comes as the celebrity guest.

She asked everybody to show their house while Sreesanth left and started cleaning the room. She got impressed and asked Romil to get water as well as coffee for her. She asked Sreesanth to clean shave Deepak and make some good hairstyle. Karanvir went and kept that coffee with him. Juhi got upset with Romil and decided with Karanvir for the punishment.

She asked Romil to tell why Surbhi is a probable winner ? He answered to it.

Juhi gave Star to Sreesanth because of the work he did which was not assigned by her. Sreesanth along with Surbhi appealed the viewers to vote and support him.

3. BiggBoss announced that Deepak will be the third guest and celebrity guest is Neil Bhatt. Deepak asked Karanvir to get tea in Sreesanth’s family cup and asked Surbhi to clean the powder room. But Karanvir asked him to reverse his decision and he did. Surbhi begged Sreesanth for the mug but he denied and repeatedly it happened.

Deepak asked Dipika to wax Romil, she does and Romil cries in pain. Neil asked Sreesanth to clean the jail along with Surbhi, she was convincing him for the mug and did not enter the jail, whereas Sreesanth cleaned it alone.

Neil Bhatt got impressed from Romil and gave him the StarRomil along with Neil Bhatt appealed the viewers to vote for him and save him.