The morning alarm buzzed and everybody woke up with full enthusiasm and zeal. Deepak goes to the washroom and enacts funny that he is going inside to loose some weight.

Deepak goes out and saw Sreesanth was lying on a bench he said why are you sleeping ? He said I am not sleeping and enacted as he was crying and said I will miss BiggBoss and times I have spent here and suddenly started laughing over it. Dipika came with some food and asked them about where is Surbhi as Karanvir is in search of her.

Sreesanth v/s Romil

Later on Deepak and Sreesanth were sleeping in the room and cuckdoo coo alarm buzzed again and Sreesanth and Deepak woke up again and meanwhile Deepak slept off. Surbhi sent Romil to ask them not to sleep and in the middle of it rain of sarcasm begun to shower. The two tried their best to put down other’s image.

Kamya Punjabi, Gautam Gulati and Priyank Sharma in the house

The three of them enter the house and greets in a humble manner and appreciates everybody for their performances.

They even warned the housemates to play carefully. BiggBoss welcomed the ex-contestants to the house and asked everybody to it in the living area.

Karanvir read out the task loud that 3 housemates have to compete against guest (Ex-contestants) to retain their lost money and make it back to Rs. 50,00,000. They are two tanks in the garden area and which soever has more water that team will be the winner. Karanvir can’t play because of his injury and Dipika will be the sanchalak. So housemates decided that Surbhi, Deepak and Romil will perform.

Task Begins

They used their strategies and housemates got aggressive and even bitched about each other and after all the efforts housemates managed to win the task and retain their lost amount.

Housemates bid adieu to them and  they left.

Eviction time!!

BiggBoss announced that there will be mid-week eviction and everybody has 15 minutes to pack up their stuff and gather in the garden area and eviction will be through CP Plus facial recognition. Sreesanth was seen talking to himself about good and bad times and apologising for it where as Surbhi was seen talking to herself that she is not going anywhere she s the winner. Deepak, Surbhi and Romil hug each other tightly.

Everybody gathered in the garden area where BiggBoss announced that Sreesanth and Dipika are safe. They congratulated each other even rest of the housemates did. Later BiggBoss asked everybody to tell 2 names who are in the bottom 2 according to them, majority of them named Romil and Surbhi. Before going to that BiggBoss said lets tell you 2 more names who are safe and named Karanvir and Deepak.

BiggBoss called Romil and Surbhi to the Facial recognition area and asked the two if  they wanted to say something. later on with a Suspense BiggBoss announced that its Surbhi who gets evicted and Romil is safe.

They bid adieu to Surbhi and congratulated Romil.

After getting saved Romil points out Dipika that why she took his name instead of karanvir. Later on after entering the house he again started off with the issue and Romil and Sreesanth get into a heated argument.

Salman’s gift

Sreesanth reads out loud that since its Salman Khan’s birthday he has sent some gifts for the the housemates, they get excited and Sreesanth distribute them to everybody and even thanked and wished Salman Khan a very  Happy Birthday.