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Best Android games of 2k18

This article categorized the games according to to-niche, play score (average of gamer and critics rating), play store downloads and many more factors.

Palash Patni November 28, 2018

Facebook launched a TikTok competitor, LASSO app

In an attempt to attract the youths who have been fleeing from its flagship platform, Facebook has once again come up with a new trick from its sleeves and pulled out a TikTok competitor. Lasso, a music-filled video sharing app

Boring User November 10, 2018

Buy the first foldable Smartphone !!

The first foldable phone in the world isn’t just a concept, it is here, An unknown company known by Royale Corporation has unveiled the first foldable smartphone called The FlexPai. we can call it Royal FlexPai, the world’s first flexible smartphone

Boring User November 9, 2018