After an amazing fun time with brother-sister duo Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor. Karan Johar welcomed the power couple Ajay Devgan and Kajol to sip the coffee together. The power couple made their first ever appearance together on a talk show after 19.5 years of their wedding.

Further Karan Johar brought up their sassy sides with Ajay Devgan and became friends with him and had a casual talk too. Whereas Kajol revealed her secrets about what she thought about Ajay when they both date each other initially. It took them one year after meeting to date each other and break off with the previous ones.

Karan Johar was all set to set the couch on fire with the power couple and have a crispy conversation that could reveal their secrets out. After the conversation, there is no doubt that Karan Johar must have been in a dilemma that who deserves the hampers as both of them did a tremendous job.

Glimpses of the show

1. Karan extends a hand of friendship

As we all know Karan Johar and Kajol are one of the closest friends, but he never shared a good bond with Ajay. So it was the appropriate time to break the ice and he extended hands for friendship with Ajay. To which Kajol interrupts and says,
I don’t want you to become his friend, you are my friend!”

2. Ajay is high maintenance, Kajol shops from Santa Cruz

Ajay talks about how Kajol is low maintenance and she buys stuff from Santa Cruz and now she just does online shopping and gets excited after buying things worth Rs. 500, 600 ,1200. Karan questions that she can afford them why she doesn’t wear designer wear or expensive branded clothes to which she said she does that only for public appearances.

Karan even mentioned about the instance when he tried to gift her Louis Vuitton bag, to which she questioned, Is there a back zip, front zip? and said I don’t like branded stuff rather I prefer my comfort. Just like a mother she had an amazing answer and says,
“I’d rather put my money in fixed deposits than spend on something expensive that has no bloody returns.”

3. Kajol abused Ajay

During the rapid fire round, Ajay was asked that Who is the current actor with whom he will pair Kajol? And he said, As a son? and laughed over it. Kajol gave a deadly stare, abused him for this and was even trying to put off her shoes in fun, to which Karan stopped her.

4. Karan and Kajol’s friendship

Karan and Kajol are teenage friends and share the closest bond in the industry. But once these friends drifted apart because Karan’s “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil” and Ajay’s “Shivaay” released on the same weekend. Kajol chose to be with her husband. Karan even mentioned about this in his book, now he wants to tear that chapter because he is no more an “unlucky boy”

5. Ajay nailed it

In the Rapid fire round both Kajol and Ajay were asked a question, “One lie that everybody in the industry tells? Kajol said It was a nice movie, after watching the premiere of any movie. Whereas Ajay’s answer lit a fire on the couch as he said, “I love my wife”

6. The secret to happy married life

Karan mentioned its been 19.5 years you guys are together what is the success mantra you have adopted and you wish to tell people, to which Ajay replied, She talks and I don’t listen.

7. Karan Johar got shocked

During the Rapid fire round Karan asked Kajol to choose a film between Fanna and My Name is Khan(kj’s film), she chose Fanna. Whereas Ajay mentioned in one of his questions, that he had this perception that all of the Karan’s movie starting with “K”, until Kaal, which was a big flop.

8. Old soul

Ajay revealed that Kajol loves to be around people aged above 60 years or children below 10 years she just enjoys their company. Karan Johar mentioned about the time when she attended his mother’s 75th birthday party, where everybody was 75 years or above that. She attended the party till the end and danced with the ladies.

9. Ajay prefers Taimur

When Karan Johar asked Ajay about who among the Khan’s he would choose, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan. He said Taimur.

In the end during the buzzer round, Karan asked both of them to call anyone from the industry and make them say, “hey Karan , wassup?”. Ajay being anti-social called Kajol only and won the round.