After the punjabi singers Diljit Dosanjh and Badshah its time for the Funjabi Boys to share the coffee couch.

Karan Johar welcomed the duo Ayushmann Khurrana and Vicky Kaushal. It was full of bromance and like always Karan Johar digs the deep dark secrets. Funny acting to quirky questions, the coffee went hotter. Karan even asked both of them about there journey there vision and view point.

Karan Johar even complimented for their success and the way they moving step by step. for the first time even Karan revealed that his name was Rahul Kumar Johar but it was changed to Karan Johar, so  Vicky Kaushal prompted in between that then it must have been Karan Kumar Johar (KK Jo) to which Karan agreed. The duo was shocked to see the revelation.

Glimpse of the show

1. Ayushmann Khurrana is a real Sperm donor

When Ayushmann was called for the movie “Vicky donor”, he revealed to the director that in real life he has done that for once in Roadies Show in 2000. He even mentioned that out of the 5 contestants 3 were chosen and he was one of them and he was happy to see that. After hearing this director got shocked and fell off from his chair.

2.  Vicky is mummy’s boy

In the videos Vicky’s friend revealed a secret about him that he is mumma’s boy as whenever they for a trip. Vicky keeps informing his mother about what he had , what he is going to eat, etc etc. He said I feel as if I am on a holiday with a 5th grade child.

3. Bollywood Career

Ayushmann mentioned that once in his childhood he told his grandmother that he wants to become an actor, his grandmother slapped him hard so he forgot of becoming that and never mentioned that in front of anybody. He even lost hope because he felt he is a nerd, skinny etc. After coming in Roadies then to RJ then to a VJ, he gained confidence. He even mentioned he wanted to come in a good movie not in a flop movie because of which he rejected  5 movies before signing Vicky Donor.

Karan remembered of the time in Bombay Velvet, where even Vicky was working he did not give any attention to him. Karan asked him about his felling for doing so well this year and emerged as a great actor. Vicky talked about he had no vision or strategy and just wanted to be in front of camera. He wanted to become an actor but that was always a question mark for him, because he was shy because of his crooked teeth , curly hair and dark complexion. But he kept on doing what he got and things were done accordingly.

4. Vicky is bad at flirting hints

Vicky’s friend revealed that he is lame in understanding hints. He mentioned about an incident about once a girl flew from Mumbai just to hook up with him but he didn’t understood her signs and ended hooking up with some other girl in the party.

5. Katrina wants to work with Vicky

Karan told Vicky that Katrina mentioned in the show that she feels she and Vicky will look good together in a movie, listening to this Vicky just pretends to faint.

6. Tahira Kashyap revealed a secret

Tahira Kashyap, Ayushmann’s wife revealed a secret about their college days when they were together at her place and suddenly her father rang the bell and she acted like surprise, look who is here. Ayushmann said she asked me to jump off from the first floor window,  I decided to wear my clothes and ran and sat in hall with our books open as we were in college at that time.

7. Ayushmann’s name was Nishant 

Ayushmann’s brother mentioned we call him “nishu bhaiya”. To which Karan started laughing , Ayushmann clarified that it was till when he was 3 years old but after that it was Ayushmann only, but his cousins call him nishu only. Thereafter Karan revealed about his name which was Rahul Kumar Johar and its still there in his janampatri.

8. Punjabi Boys on fire

Karan talks about Ayushmann and Vicky that they both have an exceptionally natural Punjabi kid picture and asks them how evident it is. They both are great, clean Punjabi young men with delightful families and a strong establishment. “There is no facade, on the grounds that there is no fasaad,” Ayushmann jokes.

They both answered so well that Karan was not able to decide the winner and there was a tie between the two. Vicky won the gaming zone.