Worried about your career? Don’t be…..we have some suggestions that will definitely help you in searching for the best place to study. You guys as students might face chaotic situations either after 10+2 or after graduation. You should never go with the flow, rather pave your own path. There are plenty of institutes ensuring best education, but you need to evaluate what suits you. Students often wonder which college is the best fit for them.

Make sure to consider the following factors when narrowing down on your college search

Academic Reputation

This is one of the most common factors which a student considers, irrespective of the course and level of education. Academic reputation makes a great impact on the minds of students.


The placement officer will always check the accreditations to check the credibility and the authority the college possess and so the students should also keep this in mind. The tie-ups and affiliations of the college should be checked and also make sure that the connections of the college are with the top and recognized universities.

Pedagogy and Curriculum

The method of teaching should suit the student so that they can understand and apply the technical concepts better. It is important that the core subjects and electives involved in the course are of particular interest to the student. The pedagogy followed by the institute is also affected by its establishment year as academic history is always relevant.

Courses Available

Some institutes offer unique courses which are rare to find in most of the common or top institutes. This is the first and foremost criteria adopted by students, as they usually don’t wish to deviate from their chosen major or degrees.


The most attractive a feature that can be made for a college or institute is their infrastructure. The student spends 2-3 years or sometimes even more in the same campus and that needs to be comfortable and a bit of fancy. The campus size and other facilities of the institute also matters a lot and thus colleges should keep restructuring their infrastructure.


In India, there are so many institutes which provide luxurious hostel facilities, and hence students need to set their expectations accordingly and should be content with a basic and comfortable accommodation option. The mess food is usually of high quality and it all depends on the student’s budget and how they want to adapt their lifestyle there.

Average Batch Size

Do Make sure to check the average intake per batch as it is one of the most important factors. The number of students studying in a year matters a lot as it affects the quality of placement in the campus. Lesser the intake higher will be the probability of placement. Similarly, higher would be the faculties’ focus on each student.


Having distinguished and qualified faculty is the stepping stone for student’s future success in his college life and even in the future. Faculties who can bring the best of their students through their lectures and classes play a vital role in student’s future progress and academic growth. So students are always advised to check the profile of the faculty, which includes their professional and industrial experience in their respective fields.

Budget and ROI

College is an investment for many, so students tend to spend wisely on college. But some colleges have other hidden costs apart from the tuition fee, like other external living expenses and application form cost. The cost of living in the metro cities is very high and so the outstation students should evaluate the expenses before shifting and making the final decision.

Internships and research opportunities

Nowadays, colleges are providing internship opportunities to the students to get practical exposure in the field where they want to go. As an internship helps significantly helps you in getting a job, so it is worth asking about internship and research opportunities to the admission officers.

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Most students don’t usually take advantage of these opportunities because they are already bogged down with academics, but most of the top colleges offer students extraordinary opportunities to engage in sports and extracurricular activities. If you are fond of sports and other activities, then you should choose a college which offers extraordinary opportunities. If a student wishes to do so, they must always be looking for such facilities.


Maintaining good relations with the alumni are essential in a college. Alumni’s are the one who took expert’s knowledge from the institute and applied it in their professional lives. Preference is given to those institutes by the students in which alumni’s are still involved in some of the work. The reviews given by the alumni on the website of college also makes an impact on the students and hence maintaining good relations are very significant.

Hope this will take you to the college you deserve.