When people mention fashion trends, it is generally assumed that they are talking about Women’s fashion. But the year 2018 changed it all. Men’s fashion which was somewhat overlooked came back with a bang. It was the year that the male fashion industry took risks, maybe not as outrageous as that of the female industry. But with great risk comes great reward. These trends took off and were embraced by the male community and can now be seen in our everyday lives.

With the changing times and since the workplace has now become a little more relaxed than what it was, there is a visible difference in work wear. What was a formal suit and tie affair is now redefined into informal jeans and shirt. Some can even consider jeans and a T-shirt, which was popularised by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg with his signature grey t-shirt and jeans.

Now with respect to the corporate world somethings need to be kept in mind. A blazer a necessity in the workplace of professionals, but with the change in times, there have been a few modifications made to the traditional blazer. Keeping in mind that India has a warm climate the material used to make blazers have changed and have been made more climate-friendly. The shape and patterns of blazers are what will help a man stand out. Now lightweight blazers with a pattern or a pastel colored blazer is what can be seen in our daily lives. And those patterned blazers surely leave an impression.

People wearing denim and chinos, with informal shirts and soft jackets, is a typically contemporary look, which has now become a very popular look for Men since it is a mix of formal along with casual.


Since this year was all about out with the old and in with the new. The previous standard suit colors, which were black, brown, grey and navy blue are no longer in trend. Now its time for some colors. We see men wear light blue, purple, green etc. suits and when we do see them, we know we must look twice. With the statement suit, men make sure they leave an impression in the minds of people who view them in these suits. It also exudes confidence and shows that they are willing to think out of the box. Though the classics will always remain classics, its time to mix it up a bit.

From the beginning of the year, pastel colors had made a comeback. They were everywhere, from jackets to shirts. The shades of lavender, pink and green are new trends in 2018. These soft colors are the right options which one can wear on any occasion, it’s also very easy to make the transition from day to night. The pastel shirt that is worn to work can easily be worn for a night out after.vWith the right accessories, like shoes and watches, you can either keep it casual or make it formal.


The trend for checkered shirts will continue to reign. They can be both formal wears as well as casual wear. Though each individual adds his own twist to the shirt, with the bottoms he chooses to wear along with his accessorize. But it is very clear that it is a basic necessity for a man.

The graphic tee has always been a go-to comfort for everyone. It was never out of trend. From the classic white tee with the Levis logo or the tee with the faded Pepsi logo. Though now times have changed and so have the tee. Now we see tees with popular quotes from shows that have gone viral and how can we forget the Marvel series. These tees are comfortable and very casual. They will never go out of trend.


So with these few popular trends, we can surely say that 2018 has been a year of color with a few throwbacks. Men have ventured out and been a little more adventurous than before. But they have made sure their risks paid off.