What to expect when you are expecting, simple – exercise! There is no debate on the fact that the pregnancy phase brings an upset stomach, morning sickness, unalarmed cravings and so much more. With all this workout is the best way to keep yourself away from negativity and stress. Needless to say, workout or as you say, exercise during pregnancy for a pregnant woman is extremely healthy. It is vital for her own body and mind.

pregnancy workout

Five best 10 minutes workout for a Pregnant woman:

*Disclaimer all workouts can be done for all three trimesters it is safe to do but don’t overdo. Stop when you feel too much uncomfortable.*

Standing Leg Swing

Simple, get on your feet, stand straight with feet apart as per hip distance. Put weight on left leg so that your right leg is weightless now. Very calmly, swing right leg above in forwarding direction as much as you can, parallel to where you’re standing. Also, a chair or a wall can be used for the assist. Do this for 1 minute and switch to the other leg, repeat. This will make your hips movable further, and flexibility of hips is great for delivery. pregnancy workout

Child Pose

Begin by kneeling on knees. Touch both your toes and patiently widen the area between your knees, just a little more than hips, enough to fit the belly. Exhale and sit straight, firming butts on heels and stretch your arms in front. Rest your forehead on the mat and shoulders to the floor. Maintain posture up to 1-minute (not more than that, use stopwatch) and feel ease in lower back. Come up by inhaling slowly. pregnancy workout

Hip Flexor Stretch

Kneel down and take on step forward while kneeling with a left foot, so that it is directly above the same leg’s ankle. You’ll feel the hip being stretched, and it is really good because it allows proper blood circulation. Raise arm and carefully squeeze right glute to add to the stretch. Hold this formation for 30 seconds then repeat on opposite side. It will also aid in releasing pressure from your lower back!

pregnancy workout

Cross Back Lunge

Get on your feet hip-width apart. Slide under right foot then slides it behind left diagonally as you bend the left knee to a lunging position. Keep arms natural. Apply pressure on the left heel to lift back up to starting position. Continue up to one minute and repeat.

pregnancy workout

Hip-bridge with Stretch

For this lie down facing upwards with bent knees, feet right on the mat and at your sides place your arms. Now cross right ankle on to your left knee. Exhale while you press heels on the ground to lift hips up. Don’t arch your lower back because it may trigger unwanted pain and imbalance. Inhale while you lower back down, to your start position. Do for a minute then switch to another leg, use a stopwatch to keep track of the time.

pregnancy workout

All the pregnancy workouts trigger in instilling balance, proper blood circulation, reducing stress levels, keeping the body healthy and flexible. Also, preparing the body for the hormonal changes and baby’s growth, movements etc. Always keep a stopwatch to track time of your workouts.

Remember a happy you = a happy birth! Cheers.