We are always in search of fashion inspirations from our Bollywood celebrities but looking at these B-town ladies we need a rethink. Like what were they thinking before they stepped out?! We know you all want to make a fashionable mark but ladies, do look in the mirror twice before you step out.

8. Shilpa Shetty

The diva of great taste, fashion, and style with a perfect 10 and charm committed a fashion suicide with this outfit!

What appears as a poncho-styled kurti in dull colors worn in combination with jeans has brought her a black mark for breaking the rules of good fashion.

7. Sonam Kapoor

We caught her on the wrong foot! Even the invincible, couture lover and fashion queen Sonam Kapoor has had her share of bad slips in the glossy world of fashion and style.

The neon pink knee-length Anarkali with a loose, frumpy Patiala and sea blue dupatta makes a terrible combination.

6.Kangana Ranaut

This Himachal beauty blessed with lovely complexion and curly locks usually has good fashion sense. But when I came across this picture of hers in a canary yellow dress looking torn and revealing a brassiere (canary yellow!!!), I nearly fainted!

Plus, the awkward canary yellow neck piece, red ballerinas and a red clutch add more weirdness to the already glaring, bright yellow disaster!

5. Kajol

This bubbly nineties actress earned respect with her natural acting skills and vibrant style. But, fashion has been an arena where she has shone a little less and off late her fashion sense has been going down the graph. Whether it be this silk Prabal Gurung dress or multi-colored jumpsuit, she has got it all wrong!

The silk dress makes her look broader than what she actually is and does not compliment her skin tone. Plus the chunky, strappy heels are giving a plump and unbecoming appearance to her legs.

The rainbow-colored dress with lines running hurriedly all over it looks like a bad drawing from her kid’s art class.

4. Vidya Balan

Don’t get me wrong! I love this classic Indian beauty for her amazing acting skills and talent. But when it comes to style and fashion, she is a repeat offender! Her appearance at Cannes 2013 was marred by bad reviews of poor dressing style. Though backed by a good designer like Sabyasachi, she completely failed in the long mujra style Anarkali with dupatta draped funnily over her head.

She had had quite a few fashion disasters in her kitty from this monotone loose salwar kameez with a weird scarf to this yellow saree with a bad floral print draped like a circus tent!

3. Sonakshi Sinha

She turned up in this monstrosity of an outfit at The 19th Annual Color Screen awards. Her broad figure is not flattering the weird gold patches at the wrong places. The strange designs and the long slit exposing a not-so-toned thigh.

With so much of bling, gold, and black on an over-the-top dress, she looks awkward and looks as though the dress might just rip apart any moment.

2. Ekta Kapoor

The soap opera queen needs to learn all about body types and dress fits. This dress is a few inches too short Ekta. You look like some red curtain in the living room. You will have to change that style.

1. Kriti Sanon

Showing your love for books is nice but Kriti stepping out looking like a Chetan Bhagat book is so not cool. Go easy on the promotional bit girl.