Simmba trailer is finally out, it looks colourful and cheerful as expected from Rohit Shetty’s films. This makes it even more quintessential that we wait to watch the movie as it will release on December 28’2018. Though after watching the trailer we are reminded of our two favourite films Dabangg and Singham. And there is nothing new in Simmba that can actually capture our attention further. It’s kind of the same old story wrapped in a new cover which can think of giving a miss.

Ranveer Singh was quite happy and shared his happiness over the trailer release. He disclosed that even Deepika Padukone was equally elated to watch the scenes from the movie on his last birthday when Rohit Shetty has shown her some sequences.

The trailer of Simmba starts with Bajirao Singham(Ajay Devgn) as he declares that while he is taking care of Shivgadh and his responsibilities as an “honest cop”, there comes a young boy who wants to become like him. However, his intentions were totally different. This young boy makes an entry as a young adult with the announcement “Ala re Ala re Simmba Ala”.

Soon Simmba(Ranveer Singh” puts forward his true intentions “Yahan sab log Ek hi Matlab ke Liye jitte Hain, apne Matlab ke Liye”. He shows that he has taken the duty of a cop to earn money and not become a “Robin Hood” to help the needy janta.

Sonu Sood is seen portraying a villainous role and Simmba is already working as per his directions. He uses Simmba to solve and cover his heinous crimes and our very own Simmba does it all for the sake of earning a lot of money.

As the story moves ahead he finds a teacher who becomes like his “younger sister”. He feels a lot of respect for her and wants to safeguard her against any of the possible difficulties. But then something happens after which Bhalerao aka Simmba turns into a good cop from a bad cop. He now has to bring justice to his sister. The rapists need to die and he turns against Bhau in his attempt to clean Shivgadh.

While the trailer ends, Singham makes a re-entry to remind us that he has been there all this while and watching it all till now.

Simmba is produced by Karan Johar, Rohit Shetty, and Apoorva Mehta. It is directed by Rohit Shetty with the banners Reliance Entertainment and Dharma Productions promoting it. Sara Ali Khan is also part of the movie and we definitely cannot miss out on the chemistry between her and Ranveer Singh. The film is a remake of 2015 Telegu movie “Temper”.

Simmba Trailer