The second episode of the sixth season of India’s best talk show ‘Koffee With Karan’ streamed yesterday and Karan Johar proved that he is not going to disappoint his audience this time as well.

Proud to be ‘Mumma’s Boy’

Karan started the show by initially, introducing his own self as a ‘Mumma’s Boy’. Karan revealed that from his childhood till date, he has been a momma’s boy and that he is not at all ashamed of it. Starting by claiming himself the lad of his mother, Karan thanked her mom on the national television.

He took the same title ‘Mumma’s Boy’ and introduced his guests for the day, the Bollywood stars Akshay Kumar and Ranveer Singh.


The two dashing men entered the stage in the proper dope maintaining their personalities. They came in grooving on the song ‘Bholi Bhali Ladki’ which was surely an amazing moment to watch. Just as they entered, the two stars brought an energy to the screen. From dancing on that old Bollywood classic to sitting on the back of the couch rather than the couch, the two stars gave us the idea that this episode is going to be unlimited fun! But as claimed by the stars, Karan ‘curbed their enthusiasm‘ by making them sit down in a sophisticated manner.

Want to know where Ranveer met Akshay for the first time?

At the beginning itself, Karan Johar showed an adorable picture of young Akshay Kumar with Ranveer Singh who was just about eight years old. Actually, Ranveer Singh revealed that it was a picture from the sets of one of Akshay Kumar’s movie ‘Keemat’ with Raveena Tandon.


He said that he along with his cousins went there just to meet Akshay Kumar and Raveena got irritated and hence asked the security guards to take him out from the sets. He also told that it was none other than Akshay Kumar himself who stopped the kid Raveer from being kicked out and complimented him as well for his haircut. Ranveer also said that this meeting of him with Akshay became the main reason behind him being so much inspired from Akshay.

Akshay sees himself in Ranveer Singh!

Now that we know what Ranveer thinks about his inspiration Akshay Kumar, here’s what Akshay feels about Ranveer. Akshay told Karan that when he looks at Ranveer he feels like he his looking at his own young self. Akshay said that Ranveer’s energy and positive attitude makes him love Ranveer a lot. Akshay also predicted that Ranveer will become a director when he grows up as he is very good at describing things.


Ranveer praised the action hero with all his heart saying, “He is the quintessential hero man, he’s Dr. Akshay Kumar, he’s Padma Shri Akshay Kumar, he’s going to run for PM Akshay Kumar- it’s all about Akshay Kumar!”.

Too comfortable Ranveer!?

Now here is another secret of Ranveer Singh revealed by Akshay and Karan that Ranveer gets so comfortable at weddings where he goes to give performances that it becomes very difficult for people to pack things up. And guess what was Ranveer’s reply. He said that he learned all this from none other than Akshay Kumar. He told an incident where after the release of Band Baaja Baraat Akshay Kumar met him in a wedding and told him, “ I don’t like to see money getting wasted. Mujhe dekho, shaadi hai main naach rha hun, birthday hai main naach rha hun, mundane hai bachha ron rha hai main naach rha hu!” and trust me this was hilarious from Ranveer’s mouth.

The stars showed their acting skills well!

After all the praising game, Karan gives the two buds situations to act on. The first situation was where Ranveer and Akshay became Karan-Arjun and Karan being a villain shot Ranveer. The funniest part of the situation was actually the way Karan shot Ranveer “Thaiin” and then, “Shoook”; it was hilarious. When Akshay asks Ranveer “Kahan lagi hai goli”, he replies side-splittingly by saying, “Siidha nipple pe lagi hai bhaiya!” The enactment by Akshay and Ranveer is a must watch the highlight from the episode!

Now here’s something from Ranveer’s best friends!

Some of Ranveer’s friends were also interviewed about him and one clip of which was amazing. Ranveer’s friend said, “Ranveer’s got a very understated sense of style. He wears Gucci t-shirt, Gucci shorts…..Gucci chaddis, Gucci man purse, Gucci belt..he doesn’t want the world to know dekho mere paas paise hain!

Karan also questioned Ranveer about his dressing style which, Ranveer covers up by claiming that he gets from Karan. When showed some pictures, Ranveer said that the tracksuit seen in the picture was given to him by none other than Karan himself.

The all time favorite- Rapid Fire Round!

Then starts our favorite part of the show ‘The Rapid Fire’ round. When asked by Karan who will start with the round, Ranveer says to Akshay, “bada tu hai pehle tu jaega!” to which Akshay replies with an incredible counter, “Chota iska hai!

Ranveer reveals boyfriend stuffs!

Karan asks Ranveer what’s his worst habit as a boyfriend and he says, “I am never on time. I have to work on my punctuality!” Then asked about the person whose stories Ranveer never believes, he says, “Sarah, he dhaaps a lot!


Can a narration turn you on?

The most interesting question and answer in Ranveer’s rapid became when Karan asked if he ever got a turn on during a script narration and he replied, “Yeah, I got a hop during Takht” He said that it’s the power of Karan’s writing that he got a ‘Fuleshwari’ just by listening to Aurangzeb and Meenabai’s story.

Ranveer is surely the ideal boyfriend here!

Ranveer surely becomes the cutest and gives us couple goals when asked what pet would Deepika be to him. He replied, “Aww……she is my hummingbird!”. He also revealed that Shah Rukh Khan wouldn’t leave a party until the sun comes up!

He gave Karan an idea to create Kuch Kuch Hota Hai 2 starring him, Deepika and Alia. Further, when asked with which Khan he would like to work in future Ranveer replied very cleverly saying he would love to work with Taimur Khan in future.

Akshay Kumar is surely a sports buddy!

When asked Akshay about his worst habit he reveals that he loves watching sports and check the scores even during conversations. He said that he would like his kids to take characteristics like honesty, disciplined life and time management from him.

When asked whom he finds hot in the industry after his wife, Akshay replied with, “Deepika is hot”. Akshay also revealed that among all the Khans of the industry he admires Salman the most.

Hey Karan It’s Me!

The two stars impressed Karan so much that he had to announce a tie between the two in rapid fire. In the ‘Hey Karan it’s me’ round, Ranveer managed to call Deepika and Arjun Kapoor whereas Akshay managed to call Arjun, Twinkle and Ritesh and hence won the round!

Overall the second episode of Koffee With Karan 6 was an ultimate hit with the ‘Desi Boys’ of the B-town! Stay tuned for more!!