I surely won’t deny how understanding your style statement becomes if you hop into an amazing pair of shoe. Walk into an office area or a playground, if you really want to make sure about your appearance you need to have an absolute pair of shoe to lend your legs in. And probably being a male you surely lack an option. Just look back to 1600, when women started wearing heels to look more masculine and men stopped wearing one so that they don’t look feminine. The male population actually lacks in variety of shoe types but this is the last reason you need to feel bad about because one can have looked one way or the other.

1. Oxfords

The most popular of all formal footwear, Oxfords are simple, sleek shoes with integrated laces. Elegantly designed, oxfords are a must-have pair for all men. Although they are available in a number of neutral colors, black shoes and brown shoes are the most commonly used ones.

When to wear?

You can always wear them for office work and shine your self around. The more polished, the better they are.

2. Monk-straps

Monk-straps are ideal for unique-shoe seekers. These shoes have buckled straps instead of the laces. They are available in single and double clasp designs; with colors of the clasps typically being silver, brass, or gold.

These have a very vintage look. They make your presence classier than ever.

When to wear?

You can wear these in office functions and parties.

3. Dress Boots

It is a general presumption that boots are to be teamed with casual wear; however, this is not entirely correct. Boots with length up to the ankle give a formal and classy appeal.

When to wear?

Boots give a formal and a casual look at both the time. They are not specified and worn for only one purpose but many. They always highlight your style.

4. Formal Pumps

A perfect replacement for the oxfords, formal pumps (also known as opera pumps) are loafer-like dress shoes created using black patented leather. These formal shoes match impeccably with formal black-tie outfits and usually have a shiny texture.

When to wear?

You can wear these in office meetings.

5. Loafers

Comfortable, stylish, and easy to slip on and off, loafers are just the right footwear for business travels. Loafers are mostly casual, therefore, for it to gel with your semi-formal attires, invest in one which is sleek, dark in color, and extremely simple in design.

Loafers look smart with suits if you are not wearing a neck-tie. Also, make sure that the visibility of your socks is less when wearing loafers.

6. Sneakers

From the casual workplace to a night on the town, a semi-formal outfit is appropriate in most day-to-day situations. In order to class up your jeans for this look, simply wear a collared shirt or sweater with loafers, boat shoes, boots or even clean white sneakers.

7. Espadrilles

Chinos are a smarter option over jeans to wear with espadrilles – navy espadrilles, beige chinos and a white tee or shirt should be your fallback combo. Espadrille shoes and chino shorts make the perfect match for both work and play. Try to match the shoes to your top or shorts for guaranteed sartorial success.