PK is the best movie in every way and makes you fall in love with its simple and meaningful story. With Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles, the message delivered by the film is loud and clear. There is something good and something bad that PK which cannot be ignored.

Best Part about PK

  • Love knows no boundaries and borders.

  • Humanity still lives on Earth.

  • Don’t get fooled in the name of religion.

  • Who is Hindu, who is Muslim..Show me where is the stamp?


Worst Part About PK

  • Candlelight marches became fashionable.

As Aamir Khan was left wondering how he should get back home, people saw a rise in candlelight marches. The actor’s movies seem to be setting some weird trends

  • Getting fully dressed with loads of perfume became a trendsetter.

The perfume companies seem to have seen a rise in their sales as using more perfume turned into a new trend.


  • Unnecessarily long ears could have been given a miss.

  • Blind belief over religion led to too much on religion.

  • Anushka Sharma’s lips

As PK completes 4 successful years people still continue to admire the way, Aamir Khan played his character in the movie. Even the songs of the film have entertained us for all these years. Undoubtedly it will be hard to find another movie as good as PK.